AARP magazine story

Hello, I’m an editor for AARP The Magazine working on a package of stories on older gamers (at least 50 years old). I’m looking for interesting gamers who would for unique profiles. Any suggestions?

Also, if anyone heavily involved in the running of OTG would like to be interviewed, I’d be interested in that too. Thanks.

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You want to talk to @Trustee He is the oldest gamer in OTG. :grin:


Yes, Trustee would definitely be a great person to speak with.

We have a lot of members over 50, including myself.

I hesitate to assert I’m “interesting”, but I’ve been on staff in various capacities for about 7 years and would be happy to answer questions about guild structure and so on. Our Admins are the people most heavily involved in running the guild, and I’m sure they’ll reach out to you if they’re interested.

In any case, good luck with your stories. Raising awareness that gaming isn’t just for the young whippersnappers can only be a good thing!


Something I can’t say often… I’m too young for this :frowning:


I dabbled in gaming in my 40’s, but didn’t become a full-time gamer until I was 50 when I had something akin to a breakdown because I still couldn’t figure out how to make my own way in the world. By the time I was 55, I’d spent so much time playing MMORPGs that I suddenly had far more information about my mental handicap than I’d gotten in the previous 50 years of my life. Being able to compare my abilities with thousands of other people in a microcosm of reality taught me specifics about how my brain and nervous system function compared to the average person. I was able to find enough ways to describe my brain’s differences that a therapist told me that it sounded like I was on the autism spectrum. I eventually got tested for that and received a diagnosis for it.

I’m now 60, have a support system, receive government support and no longer expect myself to be someone I’m not. I now know what I’m capable of, what I’m not capable of, and why. I finally have the opportunity to learn who I really am and to build a life that supports me in being that. I no longer live in a state of constant overwhelm, dissociation, and anxiety. I’m learning how to notice what help I need, ask for it, and receive it. I’m learning how to be the handicapped person I always was, but never had the chance to be.

I never had a chance to be my real self because my parents never believed me about needing help, so they never helped me investigate my difficulties and threw me out into the world without the ability to make my own way in it. My father insisted that I just pretended to be dumb and acted weird in order to punish him. Until 50, I desperately tried to be the capable person everyone (even therapists) said I was. Eventually, I realized that I was trying to do the impossible and had my “breakdown”.

If this qualifies as something interesting for your project, feel free to contact me.


Ah Ribbit, you are a kind soul and I have great respect for you and your wonderful, quirky ways. Please, please know that you are loved.


Aww. Thanks, Lyn. :smiley:


@Cefwyn is old, right?


Aw Revzman, most of OTG are oldsters. :rofl:

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Only my body is old. My mind is, uh, um, what was the question?

But yeah I’ve had a hand in running this place for longer than I’d care to admit.


Hi and thanks for recognizing us. I’m also over 50…way over. I’ve been on OTG staff for about 9 years - In Star Wars: The Old Republic, and currently I’m the World of Warcraft Chapter Leader.

I’m an author with 5 books published. I also own a small, Speculative Fiction press, which has multi-award-winning books.

That might be interesting. :slight_smile:


Well my wife and I are over 70 and actively gaming – I think there are a lot of us!


Oh yes…75 going on 76 here :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:


There are lots of 50+ people on here. Many of us are over 60 or 70. I like that about this group and why I joined back in 2005 during DDO beta.

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I’m 51, and have been gaming since the days of the Apple II and Atari 2600, but I think most of my gaming time back then was spent pumping quarters into arcade machines in the early 80s.

I’ve been in IT for the last 30 years, and spent 22 years of that time at a Fortune 500 communications company. After being laid off in 2018, I started my own consulting company, but effectively treat myself as semi-retired, with gaming taking up a fairly significant portion of my recreational time between consulting projects.

Have spent a lot of time in MMOs over the years (Shadowbane, WoW, Albion, EvE, Vendetta Online), enjoy the 4X genre (Civilization series, Endless Space), have never really been into FPS shooters at all until Rust (2400 hrs on that one) and Escape From Tarkov more recently.

If any of this sounds interesting, let me know. I’d be happy to talk.


I’m only 45 and hearing about y’all gaming into your 70’s makes me happy. I needed that today. Thank you everyone!


I’m Trustee, an Older Timer for sure. Joined the guild in August 2006, OTG was 6 months old. Love gaming and love the guild. It’s amazing the friendships you can make in gaming over the years.

I was born in July, 1930, I’ll let you figure it out. My 1st mmo was the original Everquest (loved the game) and have been gaming ever since. Currently I’m playing Elder Scrolls Online and I have preordered two new games coming out later this year and early next year. Cyberpunk 2077 and New World. Gaming and being more or less active in the guild help keep me mentally alert and active.

OTG is a gaming community of good friends. I recommend guild membership and online gaming. I really enjoy my life. It’s been good. Can all my friends out there join me is saying “Amen”?


Yea…Trustee…our very own OLDSTER. :wave:



@Trustee We miss you in WoW. Feel free to drop in Discord and chat sometime. :slight_smile: