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Story time!

It’s been so long since I’ve dabbled in FF I figured I’d play around a bit. I also have a terrible memory, which makes starting completely over pretty easy. So here we go!

I’ve heard recovering old accounts can be a nightmare, so let’s start here. I was able to dig through some old emails from a few years ago from the last time I tried to do this. Through some password recovery, I managed to get into both my square-enix and mog station accounts. It took about 30 minutes, which is must faster than it took me a few years ago. That took weeks. Turns out last time I played I had preordered Shadowbringers and quit before I activated it. Got all my logins squared away, everything activated, and re-subbed. Re-install took about 35 minutes. Left it overnight in case the 35 minutes was a lie.

So much character creation! I love this stuff. It’s evil. Start time, about 2:30 pm. Character created at… umm, let’s not go there, it’s embarrassing (ok, 1.5 hours, but I read some guides in there too!). But I had a great time. Meet Mischa the Archer:

Our OTG Discord FFXIV channel is hopping and folks are helpful, thanks guys! Special shoutout to @Xathos and @Rosyposy for some particularly helpful tips. I managed to figure out where to find some guides in our wiki, and some useful information about the chapter here: FFXIV Chapter Information - Old Timers Guild. I signed up to join the in game group in this thread, and was able to find an afk officer, send a message, and apply in game to the FC once logged in. My 1st quest guy is in the screenie behind me there, so I’m off to explore. Until later!

PS: My favorite guide during character creation was this one from gamerscape: A Realm Reborn Beginner’s Guide – Gamer Escape: Gaming News, Reviews, Wikis, and Podcasts


I forgot to mention, I did have a few issues trying to get logged into the correct server. The game kept telling me the server was not available for new creations (even tho I already have 2 old characters on this account). I was patient and just kept re-trying and it eventually let me create the character. There was then a 33 person queue. No big deal. If it happens to you, don’t worry, just keep trying.


I can’t wait till November when I can join you guys :slight_smile:

My guild invite was quick and painless. You guys are a great group! Everyone is friendly and helpful, and guild chat has off and on chit chat, folks grouping up together, and the occasional newbie question, generally mine.

So much to learn! I have made it past level 10, and as such, was allowed to take on other classes. Thanks to a tip from a guildy, I am going to focus on my ranger (and crafting, cuz I’m a crafting addict). Following their suggestion, I have dropped all side quests, and am focusing only on main story line quests (MSQ) and ranger quests. And crafting, ofc. Leatherworking, carpentry and botony are available in my town. So far I have started LW and BTN. The tutorials and explanations in-game are great and I had no need to pop out and look for any kind of guide. This applies for learning combat and how to interact in the world as well. This game is very newbie friendly.

Dang, I forget where I put my screenshots…

In other news, I was able to find a mailbox err, “delivery moogle” in town, which had a bunch of crap from various expansions and preorders that each of my newly created toons gets from prior year purchases. I found this truly awful helm, but it had a big bad 10% exp bonus to it, so I put it on. Thankfully you can hide your helm! The bonus is only good until level 10. And we all know how fast those early levels go anyways, so yeah. Not super useful, but hey. Exp is exp.

Found my screenshots!

Check out this helmet!

Two of my favorite features so far are the little icons that show my bag space, and gear management. Open your character screen, hit that button on the left, and see the upgrades for your class. One button push and boom, best gear. Bottom right shows the bag management. The dots light up as bag space is taken.

As a final note, for some reason, there are nightly fireworks in town. As I am easily amused, I started at these for at least 5 minutes watching the shinies. It was a great touch.

Dammit, I closed the screenshot folder… argh!

Found it again!


If you also decide to abandon side quests, keep an eye out for things like chocobo porters. These look like side quests too!


One thing to be aware of when skipping side quests is that a significant portion of the gear you use while leveling comes from those side quests. That being said, with the new much faster leveling, you can leave those side quests and that gear for when you are leveling alt classes. I would advise though that you do not skip the blue+ quests as those are what unlock everything in the game that isn’t specifically unlocked by the MSQ. Take time to have fun. I’m happy to hear that you watched the fireworks for 5 minutes; that’s the way to play this game.

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Not all unlocks are equally important while leveling, IMO. An obvious example are the “So, you want to be an X” job unlocks. No, really, I do NOT want to be an X right now, thanks.

Zepla made a video recently with her suggestions on which unlocks are important to do while leveling. YMMV, of course!

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Beware crafting! :slight_smile: It is amazing, fun, rich… and will eat all your storage and a big chunk of gil (in terms of a new toon’s net worth).

The first time I was leveling, I started crafting, fell down a rat hole for several weeks, wound up spending all my gil and adding 2 extra retainers to my subscription. A bit like waking up naked and penniless in an alley after a week long house party.

It was fun, and I’m eager to do it again on my current re-roll toon, but only after I finish the MSQ because it was a HUGE distraction from the story for me. Squirrel!

Also, it was much quicker and easier to level crafting after I unlocked the crafting area in HW, which is something I wish I’d understood and waited on the first time.

Lots of great tips from others rolling in, thanks all!

Today I found some quests from “The Smith”, marked with a green leaf. I think I was supposed to find these earlier, but oh well. I got to learn things like not to stand in aoe poop on the ground and what it would be like in a group setting (with npcs, no pressure!). If you’re used to MMOs, these aren’t super exciting, but they did give good rewards.

I’m continuing to focus on my MSQ and stay up to date on my class quest. I toss on my botanist gear when running around to snag any trees and vegetation to hoard for when I feel like crafting. I’ve now taken an airship to the other main cities, which are each awesome in their own way. I’ve even managed to refrain from grabbing the crafting classes while there (each city offers different classes)! I’ll save those for when I level other classes based in those cities. Don’t forget to grab those chocobo porters and aethyrnet crystals as you run by! I’ve also made sure to open up the levemete quest givers if I run by, for when I need them.

Overall, the FF community is pretty friendly. I haven’t grouped yet, but unlike some other MMOs I’ve played, I don’t see nastiness in world chat constantly, and I have yet to see an inappropriate name. Today, right when I logged in, a complete stranger gave me a minion! And collecting things is just as awesome as crafting, so that was super exciting!

I’m still finding the game to be very user friendly and great at guiding newbies to learn how to play. My main class is up to a big bad 15, and I’m backing off crafting as much as I can possibly allow myself to, in order to work that up to being able to ride a mount. I did get a free inn room, which is fun.

Today’s awesome online guide shows what all of these icons mean everywhere, whether that be for classes, npcs or quests. Super useful!


I’m very happy to see that above all else, you seem to be really enjoying the game. :smiley:

I am! :bow_and_arrow:

I think I have finally made a toon that I like. I started playing last week and I keep starting and then deciding I want a different race. I have read that you don’t just change toons when you change class/job so I feel like I need to be happy with the looks… so vain but meh :slight_smile: I will figure it out soon I hope, lol!

Yay! Once you’re a full member you’ll be able to join the FC and hang out with us!

Can’t wait!

With the focus on my MSQ, I’ve opened up a ton of stuff!

I have found the Gold Saucer, which is full of gambling and other games. It looks addictive, so after doing the tour and opening up the games, I left. I’ll save that for when I’m a grown up, not in my mid-twenties.

Still no mount yet (but soon, looking at the quest chain), however, I now have retainers. They help me sell crap and are extra bag space for holding stuff. They can also go on little missions, but I haven’t done that yet.

As part of my MSQ, I have been required to group in a couple of instances. I was a little intimidated by this at first, but everyone was friendly. I just followed the tank, watched my cutscenes, and dpsed like my tutorial (see blog above, “The Smith”) showed me, and tried not to stand in poop. Getting a group was fast (4 minutes for my 1st dungeon, about 8 for my 2nd) using the “duty finder” as dps.

It’s kind of exciting seeing all of the spells going off at once!

My favorite guide is has been Unsolved Mystery - Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn Wiki - FFXIV / FF14 ARR Community Wiki and Guide (this quest is the step I was on in my MSQ earlier today). It’s got great info on the quests to see how far along you are, where to go and what to do if you get stuck. And, it’s easy to search.

As a parting note for this post, whatever shampoo my character uses, I want it. Check out the shine!

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That is very shiny hair! I am finally back to lvl 10 on the new toon, lol. I do have a 30-something on another server but had to recreate since I was on the wrong data center to join OTG! The gambling house is tempting and the games look like a lot of fun but who has time??? I did just MSQ’s on the other server because of the novice buff. I was skipping almost all the side quests due to being so far ahead. Somehow, I have lost my novice buff so now I’m doing those little quests and it is pretty enjoyable actually to be at the level I’m supposed to be :smiley:

The shine is from the rain. Yes your clothes and body are affected by the rain. Try walking through a pool of water. You’ll notice that the bottom part of your clothes will be wet.

Two little things that I have found that just make things a little easier: 1. Clicking the teleport thingy on the map instead of through the teleport button… find the quest on the map and click on the closest teleport on the map and off you go! 2. The Recommended Gear button on the Character screen. I love this little button that nobody tells you about :slight_smile:

The “Smith” newbie questlines (dungeon practice) give you really nice looking gear if you do them all.

Always good for either glamours (transmogs for you WoW people) or just to wear when you’re still lowish level.

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I’ve focused on those MSQ and I have finally earned retainers and a chocobo mount!

Retainers are extra bag space, the ability to use the auction house, and they can go on missions for you. This is Dovra. I made her a botanist, and gave her some gathering hand-me-downs and an item I could craft. Then I sent her out on a venture to fetch… something related which she will bring back. She’ll get better, and I will give her upgraded gear as I get it.

My other retainer is holding some stuff and selling some items. It’s like a shop. No bidding, just a buyout price. There is a button to see what others of that item are selling for, to help you determine what price you want to sell it. I made almost 5k on my first night! These were newbie crafted items, and my some of my high quality gathered items.

This is Afrex. I gave him anime hair. Did I mention you get to go through a character creation to design them?!

I found this link helpful when learning about retainers: Retainer Ventures – Gamer Escape: Gaming News, Reviews, Wikis, and Podcasts And the guildies answered all of my questions! A retainer CAN do all at once. Hold stuff, sell stuff AND go on ventures! You can still summon them while they’re out on their venture, so you don’t have to worry about being away from your stuff while they’re gone.

Once I joined a grand company (one for each main city/leader), I got the quest to get my mount, a chocobo. I named it Bonbon.

I also had a handful of other mounts from various expansions and pre-orders I’ve never played. The fat chocobo being led by lettuce on a stick cracks me up.

Now that I hit my goal of a mount and retainers, guess what time it is!

Wow! I didn’t know you could have so many retainers! I had just gotten my first one and my first mount when I moved to Excalibur to be with OTG (cough…cough!) Can’t wait to get back to them now, lol!