890 is so...clean and stark

Really hoping we can customize it, decorate it, etc. It’s going to be my mobile operations center, I want it to look like me.

Liveries will be available for all ships, in time.
Interiors will be fully customizable from decorations to walls and floors.

But that is far down the road still.

Oh of course, I just mean eventually. I am curious how much customization we’re talking about, appearance-wise.

Looks to me like they are trying to get a handle on capitol ships. Nice interior though.

Most videos do not do it justice.
The scale is hard to capture. This is a very large ship. It feels very large.
But it is even smaller than most of the ships we will use as capitol ships. Polaris, Idris, Nautilus, Hammerhead…well it is same size as HH but I expect the others will be a bit bigger. Even the Carrack will be larger than the 890. And certainly the length of the Endeavor will be almost twice that of the 890.

Big ships are big.

It’s a lot more open than the HH, by design. The HH should feel like a military ship, like a sub, but the 890 is luxury.

I really liked seeing the cost to refuel the 890 that circulated Reddit. Made me appreciate cost of operation quite a bit.

Yeah, that’s what the whale haters don’t get, 99% of my fleet is going to sit under a tarp for months. Day 1, pull out my 890, fuel it up…and file for bankruptcy :stuck_out_tongue:

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You have mentioned it in the past and I had the concept in my mind, but seeing the actual figures firmed up the concept and we went straight into strategy mode. My smaller ships are going to get quite a workout in the beginning until I get a sizable nest-egg saved up. :wink:

Yup. Imagining filling the Idris with ammo/missiles. Or even the MIS, heck that beast will break me.

Honestly, day 1, load up the DUR and head out, avoid the shooting gallery, fly around, get my space legs, make some cash, then unpack ships 1 at a time as I need them, staying small.

The 1 exception will be my land plots and potentially the Pioneer. I plan to have a colony as quick as I can afford it, get mining going and a passive income.

Ok lets look at it like this, My plan is to find a planet/moon with an atmosphere, where I can lay stakes, build a mining op, then another with hydroponics focus on medical plants. Rinse repeat until the game makes me stop. Run missions according to what my fleet can do. We don’t know what the actual guild mechanics are going to be so I don’t know where the guild will be in those basic plans. But I intend to use game money to buy cap ships. My first will likely be the Carrack. Depending on how money comes in, I will eventually get the kraken. I want to have a capability to help the guild on a large scale. Historically as a guild we mostly craft/mine with a weekly raid. I believe that large caps like the Bengal are going to be raid class. But with no idea what the gameplay is going to be, I cant plan anything at this stage. But there you have it.

Similar plan, except for the “buying ships” part. Set up a passive income, support fleet/guild ops, and enjoy as much exploration as possible.

Yep with you there :slight_smile:

Yup, exactly what I am doing as well, even down to the ship to start with :wink:

If we can align on priorities, at least a few of us, and coordinate activities, it might behoove us to build near each other, if we can agree upon resources available, placement, etc. I had a vision of laying out 4 plots then starting building at the closest corners, making kind of a city and spreading out from there across our quadrants, having shared resources, etc. I build a sick bay, you build a refinery, we each go in on “big ticket” items, etc. Way too far off to begin planning, and we have zero data as to locations, but it’s a fascinating pipe dream.

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No problem for me as long as we don’t do it in Stanton. I hates Stanton.

Again, no info to even begin deciding, beyond the fact that I want HiSec. Even in HiSec we’ll have to deal with twats, but I’d rather it be at a minimum.

Agreed, and I am game.
I plan to have a “home base” in high security and a remote ops location on the edge of wild space.
Smuggler’s gotta have options ya know :wink:

Of course, and if slightly less-than-legal stuff shows up in our warehouses, who bothers with inventory anyway? :slight_smile:

HAHAHA!! I am surrounded by thieves and efalants :slight_smile: