Zoom Resolution, Zoom for Aging Gamers, Dual Display on 1 monitor (Display Resolution Rant)

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This post is aimed at the older crowd with eye / vision issues —

What is the value of having better quality , higher resolution video monitors, if you have to rest your eyes every 30 minutes, and if you have to turn up the zoom on applications so you can see the words for crying out loud! …

I never achieved 2 displays on 1 monitor, this was maybe a Windows fail, but as a 54 year old my eyes have worn out, and need rest often and need font size to be bigger … The whole Windows concept was a fail for me in some regards , would at least like to place 2 screens (or more) side by side on 1 monitor to read the output … I settled for the alt-tab to go to next window …

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Here is 1 on how to magnify Chrome web browser view:

You can also use the CTRL key and mouse scroll to zoom in and out in all browsers and even your desktop as its a windoze feature


If you have eye sight issues you really want a bigger monitor not a higher resolution. So you can display the same information over a larger visible space. When you use the same screen size but increase the size of content your get less information on that screen canvas.

This is why many people opt for dual monitors so that its convenient and you don’t need to squeze so much information onto the screen. If your using a 19 try a 23 if you are already at a 23 try a 27 (inch monitors that is). The resolution doesn’t matter nearly as much as the screen size and then you can adjust the resolution to what makes most sense for your personal preference and condition.

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I use high contrast mode, quick switch back and forth at any time LEFTSHIFT+ALT+PRTSCREEN

Blsck background, yellow or light green text

My default zoom is 120%


I do use dual monitors; I game on a 32" TV. I really wanted a 40" but do not have enough room on my computer desk (AKA kitchen table).

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I run 3 AOC 27" monitors and I zoom to 125% whenever I use a browser. CTRL+Mousewheel FTW


I run three 24" screens with 1.5 readers for monitors (compared to 2.5 readers for books). 27" was too much real estate for me to take in, starts to feel like sitting too close to an IMAX screen. I’m 56 and my reading vision started decaying at 45 which is fairly normal (if there’s a normal).

My mother and grandmother both had wet macular degeneration (funny that discourse doesn’t have macular in its dictionary) formally known as wet AMD which deteriorates the vision from the center out. Wet AMD is not reversible but is abatable (another word discourse doesn’t know).

Both glaucoma and wet macular are known to decrease contrast vision so hopefully you’ve had those possibilities checked out before looking for hardware/software solutions to contrast vision difficulties.


Thanks for the tips and reminders about CTRL+Mousewheel! Will try to use that enough to remember it!

I have a 27" MAG272CQR plugged into a laptop with a 14" screen, so sort of have dual display going on. Looks like 2560x1440 on 1 monitor, and 1920x1080 on the secondary screen. 150% size apps and text on the laptop; will experiment with 125% on the main monitor, but it says 100% is recommended for that monitor.

This thread has prompted me to adjust my monitors to bring them to the same distance, and the same height as each other. So that will be an improvement immediately! On a small table that is pretty good other than a little cramped.

Yes, I have a higher probability of macular degeneration according to my genes, so try and make sure to get eye exams regularly. I am assured that vision decline is normal age-related decline though.

My computer screen time is a bit ridiculous - typically 3-4 hours in the morning, 2 hours in the afternoon, and 2 hours of ‘tv’ in the evening. So 8+ hours/day of looking at computer screens or tv’s. That can not be healthy! So I could also work on this, but doubtful after 20+ years of this lifestyle.

Thank you for the replies!


Go big or go home. :slight_smile:


Hey! It’s my monitor layout at work (just not that size, but there are days I wish they were >.<).