Zenith: Cyberpunk Cross-Platform MMO for VR and PC on Kickstarter

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I seem to be finding a bunch of interesting things on Kickstarter recently. So here’s one I am really excited about!

Zenith is a cross-platform VR & PC MMO in development by a small team. The Kickstarter is active until September 26th, and is already over 800% funded. They are one of a handful of VR efforts with venture capital backing, and the only one thus far looking to be launch usable across VR platforms and also desktop. One of their team also has vertigo/motion issues with current VR games, so they are actively developing the game to deal with these issues (and as far as I know there isn’t anyone who has attempted to address this yet).

While this game isn’t going to exactly be Ready Player One where we can get a full experience using a haptic boot suit and an omni-directional treadmill, I firmly believe this game is the best chance of moving the technology and industry in that direction. They have a very active Discord with lots of information, a newsletter you can sign up for that comes with some fun little bonuses, a number of videos available including with the devs, and a weekly drawing to for game testers that anyone can sign up for.

They also have a referral program (founder cosmetics) on their Discord if you are interested. You get 3 tokens to spend on cosmetics when the game launches simply by joining their Discord and filling out their referral form. You can use anyone you want for the referral to get 3 tokens, and if you don’t have anyone to use feel free to use mine (Bedlam#9077) and I’ll happily accept your gracious gesture.

Also, even though the higher tier packages are currently all taken, they do have plans to add more of them closer to the end of the Kickstarter campaign next week.

Can’t really explain how excited I am for Zenith. Not really for what it will be when it launches next year, but the doors it is going to open that should have the VR game I really want to play ready and waiting for when I retire.

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Looks really nice, but also has a huge amount of red flags :frowning: I’ll keep an eye on things, see what they manage to actually implement.

But if they can make a VR game that doesn’t give me a headache, that’d definitely be worth it.

This one just finished at a little over 1000% funded (280k of 25k). Definitely keeping my eye on this going forward since I expect it to move VR forward in a good way.

If you are in alpha 2 they will be doing a stress test today at noon PST. The actual alpha will be starting on the 24th this month and will be ending on the 1st