You Aren't Ready For Ashes of Creations' Economy!

Ok folks I think this guy has it right on. We need to be ready to kick butt in ashes. Lets get our stuff ready so we can take advantage of our OTG greatness. We are organized and should be able take advantage of the opportunities Ashes will provide us! Lets start to get our crafter groups organized so we can live up to the Legacy that OTG has left on previous games on this game.


And exactly what time do we need to be ready for :stopwatch: ?

Fortunately we have a lot of members with Alpha 1 access. we’ll have plenty of time to figure out how things work and how best to take advantage of that .

One thing I’ve suggested in the past that I think will prove worthwhile is for our crafters and gatherers to skip out on trying to make money in the first few weeks and instead try to funnel gear to our top pvpers. Given how caravans work and the fact you can drop your gatherable materials on death we’ll need people capable of protecting those who aren’t interested in pvp.

Once we have some geared pvpers then we can start pushing for that sweet cash flow to purchase freeholds and such.