Yes we are still alive

Hi all:

I apologise for my long absence from the forums. I honestly thought that the chapter was going to die.

Briefly, after our near death experience in Darkfall:Unholy Wars, we transitioned as a very small group to Darkfall New Dawn. We played there until they imploded some time ago, and then switched to Darkfall:Rise of Agon,

We currently have 6-7 members, all of whom are members of big OTG. Today I agreed to foster a younger child of a non-OTG Darkfall member I know well. I spoke to his step mother and I expect we will recruit her shortly. In the meantime he is equivalent to my child and I am responsible for him.

So we are active, and are happy to welcome big OTG members. ROA is a rapid progression game and is somewhat less vicious than most of the Darkfall franchise.

Admins, if you need to chat with me please do so. Nothing contrary to OTG policy has been going on, we have just been very small in a game we have not been sure would survive.

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