Curious as to whether there are plans for an organized chapter on Xbox?

At the moment we have no plans for an organized chapter for console. The reason for this is because the console version is completely isolated from the PC version. There’s no crossover. The chapter itself would have to be independent of the PC chapter. That doesn’t mean one couldn’t be started, just that currently there isn’t a plan for one to our knowledge.

Did this ever change? Me and another OTGer just grabbed BDO for Xbox and were wondering if a chapter was every considered or created.

Not to my knowledge. I’ve seen a few members play it and I’ve heard there’s a good story line. It’s not tied to the PC version.

Too much management for General Games to take on. Besides IMHO it would fall here under BDO Featured Games like ESO does.

I am playing off and on but I joined another casual guild there.