Xbox one,

Do we have a clan there?

Not sure tbh. I looked last night for something that might have resembled OTG, but from what I have seen in the past, consoles do not have quite the numbers of players as the pc counter parts. I would love to game with OTG members if there is a console clan though! Met alot of great people in some of the pc chapters.

Well, I’m Jackal2191 in xbl. Hit me up. If I’m not driving I’m playing lol or sleeping

I created a clan on the Xbox for a group of both current and past OTG members. Send me a message on Xbox Live and I’ll invite you. My gamertag is Jarith.

EDIT Sorry I misspelled my Gamertag. Use Jarith.

Cptnoobtastic on Xbox, I have linked up with a few OTG members for Anthem not sure if we are all making the jump to Division 2 just yet, but in the future I am in for sure so feel free to add me

Cptnoobtastic, I tried sending you a clan invite, but it says it’s unable to find you. Did you complete the mission that unlocks clan invites/creation? I can’t until you’ve done that.

That’s because I have not picked up division 2 just yet but plan on it lol

LOL ok np. We have 8 members right now. Usually on with someone every night.

I will be picking up the game by Friday is the current plan. Just out of curiosity which “specialization” are most of you playing? Is there one in particular that has been chosen the least?

None of us have gotten close to 30 yet to start thinking about it honestly. I am almost level 17 and I am the second highest in the clan. I am not plowing thru the content to race to 30 because I’m enjoying the game and I don’t want to get too far ahead of the rest of the group. Right now the level scaling is kinda broken. For instance if we grouped up with you at level 2 your damage would scale up properly so you could kill enemies at my level but your armor would not. You would go down in 1 hit. This is on the developer’s list of things to fix and there’s supposed to be a large patching incoming by the weekend so hopefully this will be addressed.

Oh okay, was not sure if it was like anthem where most people were 30 in 2-3 days lol. I like the specialization concept, and I was just curious if anyone had thought about it yet. I will track you all down for a clan invite once I create my character which will be Thursday or Friday.

@Jarith you should have checked with General Games first or an OTG Admin per OTG policy!

I had an XBox One officer in place in @Ordegar to manage this. Please get with him and transfer control of any OTG clans to him.


@Benbrada Hello, the clan I created is no an OTG clan. It’s called Denizens (which is also the name of a group I created for friends several years back) as it’s mainly comprised of both friends and family, most of which are not members of OTG. I only answered here since there was a group looking for a group to join on the Xbox. I am not looking to transfer ownership as I said the clan is not even named as an OTG clan.

Ah okay cool! I will have an OTG one for those who feel more comfortable with that, either way. Thanks!

It’s fine if everyone wants to join Denizens. Not sure how much interest we have for an OTG clan. I would say mention to @Ordegar.

I made an OTG clan for anyone interested in joining it (OldTimers Guild). The game only allows 15 characters; to have the extra space is too long :face_with_raised_eyebrow:. Anyway, I’ll start up a signup thread for it.

@Jarith If your non-OTG friends can’t/won’t join OTG and you want to be in the same clan, that’s cool. I only made the OTG clan for those who want an official clan. On the other hand, if they join OTG… :wink:

For signups go here: OTG Clan on XBox signup

Wow, I didn’t know the clan was limited to 15 players. That’s oddly small. We just got our 9th member last night and possibly 1 or 2 more this weekend.

Our clan finally leveled up to 2 last night, unlocking the clan vendor. I’ll mention it to them but I think we’ll be good for now, thanks though. :slight_smile:

As the clan levels up it unlocks more membership slots. The hard cap is 50 members though, which is still small. On PC we already have 3 clans lol.