OTG Clan on XBox signup

If you would like to join the XBox clan for The Division 2, please reply with your XBox gamertag AND request to join in-game.

The clan name is “OldTimers Guild”. If you have difficulty finding the clan with search, add me as a friend on XBox (Ordegar) then there is an option to show clans of friends.

GT: Darth Dual I’ll be putting my request in later today or this weekend depending if I have a pathfinder game today

Jackal2191 is my Xbox tag. So if you don’t mind that I join up?

Glad to have you. I tried to invite you, but it says Jackal2191 is in another clan.

Invite sent!

I have to get on and get off the pug clan lol been working

Hi guys & gals. I would love to join OTG’s division 2 clan on Xbox. My gamertag is Sarkon

Alright, I left my clan on Xbox waiting for that good ol otg invite.

Requested in game Jon Freestar gamertag

Ok. So far I got Jackal and Jon Freestar in; and I sent an invite to Darth Dual. The clan will start getting xp once he joins. Right now we have the clan area open to go into, but everything’s inactive.

FallnSilence requesting to join clan

FallnSilence is my GT

@Fallnsilence after you do the mission that unlocks clans for you, put in a request in-game to “OldTimers Guild” (careful of the spacing), and I’ll get you right in.

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Sent the request thanks for letting me join

Hi I would like to join our clan in The Div 2.

Xbox name is: stonedogs
I will look for you in game!