X-treme Ocelot mess-arounds

As your new X-treme Ocelot, responsibility weighs heavy on my shoulders. Also, this game is just more fun when we’re getting stuff done together. So!
When I’m at the “what to do next” stage of my evenings, I’m gonna Actually Get On Discord, and get out to do a variety of stuff - maybe dungeons, fractals, map completion, world bosses, achievements - all kinds of whatever we feel like. I’ll post what I’m planning and approx start time (usually evening Pacific time) in the guild message.
If you have anything you’ve been wanting to get done but need a few people for, or just an annoying vista you can’t track down, or whatever, let me know on the day. Requests will take priority over my random plans. And I’m sure this plan will revise as we go, and either dwindle into nothingness or become the hottest thing on the internet.
Let’s put the multiplayer back in communimultiplayerty!


I sure hope you’re doing this when I get tired of the new WOW xpac!

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