WW2 Online game

Will OTG play WW 2 online… it has been redone and will be released july 6 on steam. I played it 20 yrs ago and loved it.

it sounds interesting but im not into pvp stuff. I might check it out. Though it probably won’t hold my attention for long.

It’s not your ordinary PVP which is why many won’t like it. It’s not ‘spray and pray’. I remember my squad hiding in bushes for an hour waiting on a German group to show up. I don’t remember how we knew they were coming but we did. It’s all slow and precise as I remember it. One server, one huge map of europe. I don’t know if I have the patience 20 yrs later to do this lol but it’s free (with sub option) so I will give it a whirl. They will release updated graphics July 6


im expecting a hell of a lot with the upgraded graphics considering they are using unreal 5