Wurm Unlimited

So a couple of us have been playing Wurm Unlimited, and a bunch more have played it in the past.

I’ve set up a simple server just to mess around on, basically. I can add other maps and servers whenever it’s needed (seems unlikely if there’s just a few of us).

But if anyone wants to give it a try (it’s slow, grindy in a way, but you can do a lot of neat stuff), I have some keys leftover from a sale.

It’s a relaxing game for the most part, and a time waster. But it’s more time spent in creating stuff, rather than “Gather 1000 rocks and build a house in 10 seconds”. More of a “Gather 100 rocks, make them into bricks, chop down trees, build a house frame, fill it all in with bricks.” kind of thing.

This can be a fun game but it is for the serious Survival/ Builder for sure. Getting skills up and a place up and running can take a lot of time.