WoWs invite, and anyone Playing War Thunder Naval?

Hey fellow OTGs

Hope everyone is staying healthy and safe during these challenging times.

Having been placed on reduced time for work, I’m finding I have a bit more time on my hands. I’ve stumbled across War Thunder (WT?)and have been playing it for about 2 weeks now, mostly Naval as I seem to survive a bit longer there over Tanks and Aircraft :slight_smile: Anyone else playing?

Saw there was some discussion about WoWs. I’d be open to trying that. At the rate that WT progresses it seem like it’ll take me about 72 years to make it up to cruisers. The clan battles look to be a definite advantage over WT, at least with what I’ve seen so far. Are the clan battles still active? If so does anyone have an invite code to the game? I know it’s free to play but if I can help a fellow OTG member get some goodies (as well as some of my own), I’m open.

Here is my recruiting station link.

I don’t have any friend codes :frowning:

There hasn’t been enough interest for clan battles to field a team. It’s mostly solo play with clan perks. I’m always willing to division up if you’re interested.

As @thesuperles says, we have not had enough OTG interest for the Clan Battles:

What OTG does participate in are the weekly clan Naval Battles, which involve individual efforts to earn stars with 10 battles on the weekend:

For the Clan Battles, I’m not a good player but I am available to participate in an OTG team if we do get enough interest. :+1:

@ Falkenstein many thanks for the links. As I’m new to this game I must confess I’ve more heard about clans that read about them. I see now that with a Tire 10 requirement for the actual Ship Clan battles, I have quite a ways to go. And same as you, not sure I’d be able to be competitive at that level. But I’d still be interested in joining the clan and assisting in the weekly Clans competition. So i’m open to a clan invite if possible.

They actually provide “rental ships” as an option, one of each type. It provides another ship choice option for those who might have a limited selection, or none at all, but they are slightly hampered by the inability to mount and benefit from camouflage, as I understand it.

For example, I have one Tier X battleship, and two Tier X cruisers, so likely the “rental” ships would be one I don’t have. :slightly_smiling_face:

Here’s the post on the current Clan Battle season,, which starts on Wednesday. The first “rental” battleship is actually the one I do have, Großer Kurfürst, however I am currently slowly working up the Japanese cruiser line towards the Zaō, which I do not yet have unlocked. :sunglasses:

With the restriction this season of “only one aircraft carrier or battleship per team”, and my inability to even marginally play a DD, I’d be a best fit in a cruiser, if OTG does field a team this season. :+1: