Wow's Evoker class the Dracthyr ...discussion

I ran across this article called: WoW Factor: So let’s talk about World of Warcraft’s Evoker

There are some interesting points made, but I had to laugh when I started reading the comments. As usual someone employed comedy into the comments and I’ve not stopped giggling about it. So I find humor in just about everything these days (its good for the soul too).

But I thought I’d share this to give you a giggle, plus offer up the link to the article where I found it.

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I look forward to the first Caster Class added to the game since WoW launched in 2004.

I do think they could have easily added in a Tank spec, use the 4 legged Dragonkin Skin model.

Your a magical being…you could easily swap from 2 legs to 4 legs to any humanoid forms…

And racial…give me a HUGE DRAGON FORM to fight giants (of course its overpowered…but who doesn’t want to go all Godzilla on Goldshire)

Brilliant! Macneel, why don’t you make that suggestion to them. Who knows, they may already be thinking about a tank class using the Black Dragon, which was not included in the introduction of this new class.

I’ve made what I felt were sensible suggestions over the years, and even though I never get notified they even read them, I have seen some things that resembled my suggestions, even a little bit. So perhaps I am not the only one presenting those suggestion and they noticed it over all.