Wow urges players to get rewards ....while they can

I know that we have a lot of OTGrs who are achievement munchins. Also, that many chase those elusive mounts and special rewards all the time. It seems that for each expac that drops, we lose something that can never be earned again as Bliz prunes things from the game.

So here is an article pointing out what Bliz has offered up for our next expac decimation.

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I hate that. What if you start later?

Thank you for the post, Lyn. Even tho this is something they do every xpac, especially the AOTC stuff, it’s always nice to know way ahead of the xpac instead of when it’s too late.

I’m betting on the raid group getting the Nyalotha achieves (and mounts).

Go Misfits of Mayhem!!!

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@EATherrian, unfortunately, you’re SoL.

Thanks @lynspottery.