Wow... Star Citizen has come a long way!

I have installed and deleted SC several times over the years as it was just too stuttery for my rig. Been seeing more video’s coming out and decided to give it another shot.

First, installed on an SSD drive. Second, did everything in this video.

Boot up and it was smooth as butter!!!

I played all day yesterday. Dang, everything is falling together. Figured out how to fly, much easier. Landed on planets and looted settlements. Had a great time. I know that many have been coming back, but if you tweak it right, now is a great time to jump back in.

(I noticed that framerate increases as you go. If you get in and its a little jaggey, just let it catch up).

I have a 300I, I think I need another ship! Anyone have recommendations on a ship that is tanky. I like to explore planets and wrecks. Looking for a ship that I can escape with if attacked (I am not a great combat pilot). In ED, I loved those mines :slight_smile:

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May have to reinstall it again. I bought it when it was just an afterthought on the go fund me page so many years back.

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Exactly the same, on both counts. :smiley:

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Same, my internet was pretty good at the time too, 700Mbs. Where I live now I’m lucky if I get 20 Mbs. Plus everyone else using it for netflix and phones. My online gaming is in the dumps during most normal times.


I’ll still download it and try it out though. I don’t even remember what ships I got except for the Reclaimer (salvage ship). I had dreams back then.

I know this is a tad old, but I’ve playing for a few months now, off and on. @Ase , the Cutlass Black is an awesome all-rounder. Think it’s about 1.4 mil. Easy to get into if you want.
I’m really enjoying the flying and dog fighting on the pve side. However, running into a fully crewed pirate Corsair while you’re making a cargo run can be, um, interesting. By the way, it flies like a brick. A very strong and powerfully armed brick, though.
I am hoping 3.18 will hit PU soonish as they are going to be doing a wipe. Should be fun.


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Same, I have kept re-downloading and deleting for years. Looking at getting back into it.