WoW Rebooted Where to Start?

I’v been playing WoW for close to 14 years . In Vanilla i was into the Hardcore raiding spending my youth away but now and days i’m more casual and little more on the slow pace. i started out as Alliance and over the years changed to horde but the servers i played on are not the ones OTG’s play on so thought id start a new char on one of the servers and thought id ask for suggestions on where to go Alliance or Horde honestly i swing both ways when it comes to this matter.

Anyways love to hear some suggestions in the mean time enjoy this little pic i made lol

I’ve played both sides - raided 7 years as Horde, came back to the game after a long absence and went Alliance.

Both sides are awesome so both are good choices. :slight_smile:

im good with both sides to :slight_smile: it was more of a pick on what server to go to Kul-Tiras/Bladefist for Horde and Anvilmar/Undermine for Alliance hehe my bad :wink:

how the quote work is odd maybe i did it wrong.

You could always create a new character on both servers and just see which feels more like home to you in the long run.

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Your right Daveon, so i made few chars of each server i think im going to try alliance again first

Oh and lots of us have characters on both sides. :slight_smile:

Well it is OTG so you have quality people no matter which side you pick. Alliance is more chatty, in Discord more, and easier to find officers. Horde is very relaxed, toons stay guilded after long absenses. I hate text chat and love voice chat so wound up on Alliance.