WoW Horde Raid Policy

The OTG WoW Horde Chapter Staff does not organize or run static raids. However, we may sometimes put together Guild Achievement runs, weekly Guild LFR runs, or other fun runs that are always available to all Chapter members that meet the minimum game requirements for such events.

For organized or static raid groups, we put the tools for forming such groups in the hands of those individuals willing to put the effort into getting like-minded people to go spend a few hours together. This post contains the guidelines required if a Chapter Member is interested in starting a “registered” new raid group.

Anyone is free to create any group with any players at any time. The policies listed below reference groups that decide to operate as a chapter “registered” group. Registered groups can take advantage of whatever we, as a Chapter, can offer, such as advertising (forums, in game, etc.), possible forum or Discord customization, help with conflict, or other available resources.

  1. All recruiting for the proposed group must be done in these forums or in game before reaching out to outside sources. It should be transparent (This does NOT mean that you must accept all applications).

  2. Each group should have a thread in this forum. It is the responsibility of each group leader to keep his/her post here fully updated at all times. It needs to include:

  • The days and times scheduled for runs
  • A list of all static members of the group (listing known alts or subs available is also useful)
  • Gear/Food/Consumables etc. that may be required to participate
  • Loot rules
  • A copy of your groups policies
  • Anything else that particularly applies to the group in question
  1. OTG Code of Conduct must always be followed.

  2. Most importantly, have fun!

  3. While we are happy to provide advice for conflict within a registered guild group, it is the responsibility of group leadership to manage any issues that might arise. Members of the group should understand that group leadership is their first communication in the chain of command for disputes. If that fails, or in the event of an OTG policy violation, an officer should be contacted (please ensure this is in your group policy).

Be aware that the Horde Chapter does not require all group members to be guild members, but only guild members can reach this forum or the private areas in Discord (public areas are available). Feel free to encourage any outside members to apply!

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