WoW Horde Officer List

NOTE: All listed can help with guild invites for alts. If new to the Chapter, please seek out an Officer or above.

Chapter Leader: @Moddoxx
Character Names: Anguish, Chewbaca, Chomperhead, Darmok, Dasvidaniya, Hop, Kashyyk, Lochke, Moddoxx, Ruh, Valyriana, Tanagra, Valyriana

Character Names:

Officer: @Arcano
Character Names: Arcanis, Heleann, Hurzakurano

Officer: @BeeDub
Character Names: Asthenia, Belorkin, Jangkin, Markin, Rellkin

Officer: @Billasa
Character Names: Abully, Bullybill, Dabully, Evilbully, Miniholy

Officer : @Kelryth
Character Names: Kellen, Kelletheyr, Kellethryn, Kelryth, Kelshenron, Kelyndyr, Korryn, Sieon

Officer : @wont
Character Names: Cant, Dont, Nope-Bladefist, Want, Willnot, Wnt, Wont, Wönt, Wônt

NCO: @Cruel
Character Names: Crueladeelf, Cruelahunter, Cruelapriest, Crueldemon, Evelok, Hobbgoblynn, Pandamonkium, Robinhoodelf, Taurmok

NCO: @Endressa
Character Names: Endressa, Illanorah, Isorha, Sahara, Siluca, Tehse, Zaiannah, Zhanika

NCO: @Penfold
Character Names: Lendyn, Penfold, Zenfold

NCO: @Weltazar
Character Names: Weltaczar, Weltaelf, Weltaholic, Weltaminster, Weltazar, Weltamus, Weltmountain

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