WoW Horde Guild Bank Policy (WIP)


The Guild Bank is available to any and all players for deposit and use. If you can use it, you are welcome to it. Please follow these few, basic rules. The remainder of this post provides a description for each tab. Officers & Staff will monitor the bank for usage and sell/auction off/disenchant unused/overstocked items. All profits/materials will be deposited back to the bank.

  • No grey items
  • Items may be deposited where they fit best, or into the Depository-Other tab
  • Items withdrawn should be used by OTG members and are not for resale
  • Use common sense.

Tab 1 - Deposit Other
Not sure where it goes best? Lockboxes? “Other”? Dump it all here and the Bank Officer will sort it out. Deposited lockboxes will be unlocked, funds deposited into the bank, and loot deposited into the appropriate tab. If you can unlock these items, please feel free to do so and re-deposit the unlocked boxes (max level lockpicking only please).

Tab 2 - Gear
Looking for upgrades or transmogs? Check out the Gear tab. Items that sit for some time will occasionally be cleaned up by staff.

Tab 3 - Consumables
Buffs and other consumables, such as food and potions. If an item has little to no use/value or is already fully stocked, please do not deposit into the bank. These should be for current content, but holiday items are always welcome.