WoW Dragonflight: How to Get Spark of Ingenuity

Apparently, these Sparks of Ingenuity will be some well sought after reagents for better quality items. I suspect this could be considered an in-game activity outside of the regular activities on offer. After reading it, I got the impression its a bit involved and not just “go pick that flower or get that ore” type of activity.

However, I felt you all could use some informational guide on how to acquire these reagents going forward. It appears it might not be a one time effort but on-going, depending upon what anyone wants.

Sparks of Ingenuity are reagents in World of Warcraft’s Dragonflight expansion that are used in the crafting of Epic-quality items. This utility makes Sparks of Ingenuity quite desirable, and many players will definitely want to get their hands on this end-game crafting material. For those fans that are indeed looking for Sparks of Ingenuity in World of Warcraft, this guide contains full details on exactly where they come from.