WoW Classic Chapter Leader

As many of you know, the success of wow classic was an unknown. We were not sure what the long term picture would look like for the chapter. As such, we were very conservative in our initial implementation of the chapter. As such we created the chapter with no specific chapter leader and had Hashberry and Kelryth step up to manage the individual guilds. I want to thank both of them for the time and effort that when into standing up the guilds as well as all the members that helped them along the way.

Today I am pleased to announce that Kelryth has agreed to accept the role of Chapter Leader over WoW Classic (Horde and Alliance guilds).


Grats @Kelryth! Thanks for stepping up.

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Congrats, @Kelryth!!

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ty guys :slight_smile:

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All your bases are belong to Kelryth

Nice coup!



Good stuff!!

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Brave man. :wink:


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