WoW Bans & ConsolePort / WoWMapping

There are some strong rumors going around that bans have been issued for the use of the Consoleport addon. This addon is a curse addon using LUA code, which we’ve always been told is a way to know it’s safe. It is used to allow players to use game pads instead of keyboard/mouse input. However, for the addon to work, at least on Classic, it requires wowmapper software. This seems to be what is triggering the bans, as the wowmapper software, according to some sources, uses code similar to that which is often used by botters. Given their recent crackdown on software automation due to their multiboxing policy clarification, it appears this setup has gotten caught up in the bans, sometimes with very limited use of the software a month or two ago.

Blizzard has said nothing publicly, which is why I’m labeling this a rumor. However, I know quite a few people that prefer to game by gamepad (saves on joint pain), so just a heads up. If you got caught up in the ban, politely submit your appeal and explain the situation. Appeals appear to be taking about 3 days, and bans due to what is believed to be this addon are being overturned.


Wow, nice thanks for the heads up.

I occasionally like to use a controller when I am using game streaming.
If I was still on WoW, I could see myself trying something like that out.
Wonder why they just don’t add controller support… then I think about healing
as my druid and I’m like “oh…”. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think they did add controller support in 9.1, but not for Classic… I think…

I hear from the folks that like this addon that the controller support simply isn’t as good.

Leave it to modders and passionate gamers to make things right. :smiley:

I haven’t put much time into retail.
I did last year a bit, and took a peek at my old resto Druid.

There’s some software out there called rewasd that allows you to use a controller on pc not sure if it uses any dark magic coding thingys that mat be againts blizzard policies but may be worth looking at .