Would like to know what you guys think once Wastlanders is live

Once Wastlanders is out, I would love to hear some feedback as I am thinking of buying this game. It looks real positive.

It will certainly be interesting to see how things fall out with the update (pun intended).

The '76 initial release is a classic case of developers refusing to listen to their fan base. They got it in their heads that Fallout players wanted PvP without any of those pesky NPCs getting in the way. Instead, what the majority of the players really preferred was Fallout New Vegas with friends. Players voiced these concerns when '76 was first announced, but Bethesda kept insisting “Trust us, you’ll love it.”


Wastelanders is basically Fallout '76: 180. :smiley:

Looking for some feedback on Wastelanders as well!

It was delayed a week recently so I think its coming the 14th. I will be happy to provide feedback once I start playing.

@Elidien Thanks!

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It’s up and cranking. I didn’t get through much more than character creation at this point with a new toon. I only bought it like 2 weeks ago and have no real progress.

I swear, I’m going to play this Fallout/Bethesda game for more than 2 hours.

No, really.

Simply put. Its amazing.

My friend and I were talking about its like Fallout’s Skyrim (in terms of style - explore, hunt, houses, quests, factions, etc…). But with friends! It is exactly what we had hoped at launch.

Perfect? No but loads of fun.

Not only did he and I buy both content packs, we both subbed to Fallout 1st as well. We are THAT impressed. I even canceled ESO until Greymoor. Its the most fun I have had gaming since when ESO was new.

Well that’s one way to learn you don’t remember how to play a game. Log in. Drop off some stuff in a stash at the nearest gas station because I’m overencumbered. Fast Travel to my Camp and… immediately get attacked by a bunch of super mutants that proceed to kill me 5 times and destroy my house.

Oh, and with all that, I also realized my house is now sitting on top of a pair of NPCs in a tent. I could see the top of the tent through the living room floor and hear them talking. Odd that it didn’t force me to move

That is odd. Yeah I am getting more regular attacks at my house too. I also see alot more random mobs and fights so I think they greatly changed the spawning system or something.

Oh I’d had super mutants attack me in that location before, but I’ve been able to fight them off previously. Not this time.

Of course, with that tent in the middle of my living room floor, I had to move anyway.

If you are in any way a Fallout Fan, you should be giving this game a try.

a LOT of polish has been added over the year it has been released. And this latest content patch makes the game what it should have been at launch.

Builder fans, Stompy Robot Armor fans, also should give this a look.


Thanks all for the feedback! I’ll be sure to check it out now!

I really do love this game. Sure it still has some bugs and a random disconnect (1 in 12 hours for me) but the game is so much fun.

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Do you want godrays? Because you’re gonna get godrays. :smirk:

I am thoroughly enjoying FO76 with the new Wastelander DLC.

After a month of the new expansion, I am still enjoying it immensely. We have at least 10 people in Discord every night. This is how the game should have released.

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