WoT is Steamed

I started over on Steam with both Tanks and Warships. I had been playing WoT Blitz for a while once it went PC but it’s just not the same as regular WoT. I missed the old maps for one thing. Blitz doesn’t have arty but now I’m back it doesn’t bother me as much as it used to. My favorite tanks are all in the 5-8 range so I don’t worry about end game and ignore all the stupid promos and odd side junk Wargaming is known for. The Japanese tanks are interesting since the bulk of them are all blueprint vehicles…who would of thought they had a TD line? One thing that is odd is the bot games you get in except its not like WoWarships where its a team of humans vs a team of bots. Most of the time when you get in one its you and your bot team vs another bot team. On rare occasions you’ll see a lone player on the other side with his bots. It’s almost funny to watch them play. Most of the time they manage but sometimes they play worse than a complete new player who is 7 years old. Once there were two of us left and one on the red side and we were both capping. My side was a couple seconds behind to start but with two of us we would win over the slow guy. Near the last moments my bot companion drove out of the circle and then stopped and we lost. I think someone paid him off. That’s why this game is still fun!

Hi Rance!
There are a few of us who play WoT on PC regularly. I’m not sure if you are in the OTG clan or not. If you want an invite to the WoT OTG clan, just post your in-game name and I can send you an invite. I’m Cortinarius in-game. :grinning:

Is regular WoT the same as Steam-Wot or is everyone playing on the same server? Just curious. I’ll have to go check my name now since I forgot what I used on the new account :smiley: I was Rance when it all started years ago…

I believe that PC users are on the same WoT servers even if you launch through Steam. Once I know your in-game name, I will be able to send you a clan invite even if you are offline. Cheers!

It’s Undershaft although, tbh, I’m not sure where I came up with that one. I think that was from WoWS. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Offline invite to the clan sent. See you in-game! Cortinarius

I might add in passing that I don’t actually get a whole lot of time to play. A good day is 1-2 total battles before I get back to work…one reason I never made it past tier 8 :stuck_out_tongue: Just so you know I wasn’t being unappreciative. Also, I hate discord.

No worries, I will update the invite to keep it active until you log in.

Thanks! I was actually playing on Saturday for a couple. ‘Tank when you can’ is my motto…starting this minute anyway :smiley: