WoT Blitz on Steam

Hey everyone, long time no see. I thought I’d drop by to share a few thoughts in case a few of you might be interested in WoT Blitz on Steam.
It’s been a long time since my tanking days, but I still miss running around in my favorites and blowing stuff up…trees, buildings, the occasional other tank and my teammates…I was a great shot! I tried the mobile version of Blitz and hated it…mostly because I was slow to move and aim on the iPad and kept getting my nose bloodied.
A day or two ago I noticed it had migrated to Steam somehow so I thought what the hell I can always uninstall after I see that it sucks. Only, for me at least, it didn’t suck. It was the old controls and a number of the familiar tanks. There were some little oddments scattered around but I jumped in and found I had a few premium tanks in my account with no idea how they got there since I didn’t pay for anything on mobile. Only thing I can think of is they transferred a couple from my regular account (a Sherman, a Russian M3 I think and the LDS (whatever) Russian T3).
But I started up the German line despite that and found myself having a blast. First of all, there are only 7 tanks per team and very little to no chat ( and the message window is tiny and hardly used). Second, there are a lot of new-ish players because I was awesome in game! And most of us know I’m not usually awesome in most things. But there were times when everyone on my team would be dead and it would be me versus 3-4 remaining tanks and I’d knock them out and win. More than once…more than three times even. And the players in tiers 1-4 would do so many dumb things I’d just shake my head as I blew them apart…like capping and never moving again so you could keep hitting them…many players fight from their side or go out where half our team can shoot them or drive by you and then show their rears while they fire. In some ways it’s kind of sad but on the other hand, it’s probably why I’m having so much fun.
The matches seem fairly short. I’ve seen a few new maps and a lot of some old ones (Mines especially). And speaking of Mines, for some reason teams will go up on the central hill and then just sit there…there is a base in the area where the town was and only one base…but hardly anyone goes to capture it…they think sitting on the hill does something…we lost a game once because 4 of my team sat put and the last guy alive on their team capped…(I was dead).
Most of the tech trees are there plus some old premiums which are suddenly in the research lines as regular tanks. Oh, and there’s no arty…
If you’re bored or miss shooting stuff up like I was, give it a shot. You can always delete it.

cheerio Tankers!

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So is this Steam version for PC’s or is is tablet/smart phone based?

Steam for PCs. It has one or two odd little carry-overs from mobile…like a weird arrow thing in front of your tank showing the direction you’re going…but outside of that and the simplified garage stuff, I feel like I’m in a WoT match with less tanks per side. And I like some of the new maps…there’s a desert one and a fortress one plus the ubiquitous Mines, but as you get higher lvl tanks you start to see more. I just got my StuG III today, which was always one of my favorites so it’s kinda like coming home…where people shoot at you. :smiley:

I’ll give it a try.

I only got to play a hour or so, so far. I like it.
I played 3 - 4 battles and in each one (in a light tank) I got 3 - 4 kills. I guess it makes a bit of difference when you play it on a real PC against folks playing on a tablet or smart phone.

I notice that there aren’t any tank crew functionality. So no way to transfer the crew on one tank to the next. On the plus side, no being a newb (with an inexperience crew) facing off against folks who’ve played for 10+ years (and having mega elite crews). Or am I missing something?

Doesn’t sound like it. Some of the things seem odd for me but I think it’s because I’m so used to the maps in old WoT…like the one base thing on the Mines…people seem to only try to cap about 50% of the time, while on the Fortress map they try all the time and normally fail. Seems like the capping team usually gets blown away time after time, which is okay when you’re outside shooting in. But, as long as its fun I’ll keep playing. Good luck…and I’m Rance in game. Whoa!

Yeah, I’m in.
Spent a day as MagistosOTG until I managed to resurrect my original Magistos account. I look at it like I had a day to knock the rust off before truly starting.

I’ve discovered I’m down right evil in the light tanks, averaging 5 kills a match. But that will change as I move up.

Trying to see what the tech balance is these days, I’m running up the French, Soviet, and Chinese lines. Might swap one out.

Yeah, things have settled down since I hit tiers 5 and 6…only have 2 of the latter so far. I went German, American and Soviet mostly although just found out the Crusader V is a pretty awesome LT.
I joined a guild for a while but since you can only have 2 people per platoon, for some reason (maybe its me) I lost way more when I was platooned up so I quit that guild and have been doing better since then…which is kinda sad in a way.
There are a number of things I like about this version of tanks…like giving a thumbs up after a battle to the other players who have done well. Everything else seems simplified in a good way…like crew training once you hit the middle tiers…the choice of upgrading all your guns, tracks and engines at once (clever way to get your gold), the free crates for just playing thru missions that don’t seem like missions.
I find the temporary avatars annoying for some reason…another ploy to get you to spend?
Anyway, glad you’re having fun. It still surprises me how good a time I’m having. I think I like the smaller matches and less toxic environment.

The micro transactions bait is pretty thick in this game.

Yes, one of the drawbacks. They have it down pat, too…like when you go to get your free crates each day you have to pass thru the ‘special sales’ screens. I just ignore most of it unless I see a tank that’s on sale for $4.00 (and there was one…the AC1 Sentinel and its turned into one of my favorites). I’m still having a blast altho RNG is always there. A week ago I had two days where I won a lot…then two days where I couldn’t buy a win…then two days where I’ve been winning again…some tanks are ‘unlucky’ where I’ll lose 15 in a row on them (looking at you VK 36.01) and others kick constant rear-ends even if I’m having a bad day. Go figure. Anyway, hope you’re having fun whatever you’re playing!