World of Warcraft Will Allow Horde and Alliance Players to Play Together at Last


We need to get the Bnet OTG community updated with all WoW players so they can play together

It appears that Epickitty(Dont know who that is), Myself, @Moddoxx , @Aerythe , and EMS911GURU(dont know who this is either) can invite to the community. I will make a new post on discourse and try to get all in the BNET community.

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@wont Epickitty is Prissy’s former name.

Sounds good on the BNET thing. It pretty much duplicated guild chat so we never used it much but this makes it actually useful.

Can hardly wait to see what the first exploit will be and how long it will take Blizz/Micro to fix it…

Hmmm, I can’t really think of anything. But then I don’t have much of a criminal mind…don’t believe my parents. Or my wife.

Didn’t EQ2 do something similar years and years ago? Wonder if that led to any abuses?

EDIT: And this is really cool. It could change a lot for OTG-WoW. In good ways. :smiley:

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