World of Warcraft makes good on its new multiboxing policy

It seems this time they are actually following through with their new policy. I’m sorry for the folks who genuinely multibox just for pleasure, but glad its hitting up a lot of the trolls and farmers who have made life miserable for other players.

I found it interesting to see other viewpoints to multiboxing, ie how difficult it is to set up and the challenges it presents when playing (when you’re the multiboxer/botter).

It looks like the boxers are back. I’ve been passing a bunch while traveling through many zones.

The rule states “Software” key broadcast software, that was the problem. There are many “hardware” options available to the multiboxers that take a single keyboard and mouse and broadcast it to multiple systems simulataniously. The only reason such options were not used heavily was that the software options were easier and cheaper to use. But now that the software options is off the table, the hardware options will start to become the goto option.

All this change in stance by Blizzard did was create a brief delay in the multiboxers, they will all be moving to hardware options if they have not already done so.

There will always be unintended consequences… :smirk:

I agree, I just wish Blizzard had just went for the whole enchilada and stated:

You may only have one person per game client under control at any time. You may have multiple game clients running simultaniously, but you may only be controling one client at any time. To elaborate. The keyboard and mouse inputs must have a human being controling them and that keyboard and mouse may only control one client session at any time." "The only exception to this rule is where the other client can be controled using in-game functions such as the /follow command. The casting of spells, collection of items, looting or use of inventory items must be done via direct keyboard and mouse inputs under the contraints mentioned above.

This would, in my opinion, remove any ambiguity about the multi-boxing question.

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