[World of Warcraft History] The Corrupted Blood Plague

The Corrupted Blood Plague

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Published on Nov 28, 2018
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In mid-2005 players logging on to play the popular online multiplayer game World of Warcraft found themselves besieged by a virulent virtual plague nobody knew how to cure or effectively combat. For around a month the plague spread unchecked throughout the kingdom of Azeroth, killing tens of thousands of players’ characters and intriguing experts who’ve since used the plague as a model for real world bioterrorism and epidemic research.

In BC, I had a guildmate come back to Stormwind from Tanaris (?). He had a poison, disease, or something with a 2-day time stamp. I can’t remember if I (holy play) removed it or not, but he said that he kept dying, over and over.

I thought he was full of it. Maybe not.

Mid, was a true story. Every where I went in that early time of my gaming I ran into this…in some cases it was hilarious because some of us grouped up, got infected then went running in other faction’s towns.

fun had by all. Of course we all died, but not before we infected everyone we came into contact with.

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This is one of my favorite times in WOW! Everyone was dying…lol.