World of Warcraft Designer Shares How Augmentation Evoker Will Work

Some interesting new information on how the new Evoker support spec will work. You can read the entire article here.

The Impact of the Augmentation Evoker:

Despite being referred to as a support specialization by World of Warcraft, the Augmentation Evoker is still a DPS at heart. “Augmentation is a damage dealer,” Berger asserted. “You queue as a damage dealer for dungeons or for PvP, and it fills that role.” The class has some truly unique tools at its disposal, but it cannot replace a healer or a tank, nor is it a new role entirely. “We didn’t want to add a fourth role that suddenly the whole game has to consider. This is meant to just be an option [for DPS].”

How Augmentation Evokers Work in Solo Play:

Interestingly enough, WoW’s new Augmentation Evokers actually play more like a tank while soloing. “The way Tanks play in the outdoor world is to pull a bunch of enemies, group them together, and AoE them down,” Berger explained. Though they lack the DPS output of comparable classes, its unique utility gives it powerful survivability mechanics rare among DPS classes, including ways to cheat death and raise their defensive stats.

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