World of Warcraft Community Discords Program

Gamerant website announcement: World of Warcraft just announced the Community Discords Program–a new way for Discord servers to bridge the gap between fan and developer–for its European community. However, on their site there is a notation regarding shady provisions. I am always leary of additional provisions requiring the player to sign agreements and such.

Here is the Wowhead link regarding this program which does not outline as much detail as Gamerant’s website:

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Am truly glad there is this backlash. What I read made me angry. There is no way I would participate in such a blatant squash against players like what Bliz apparently intended.

Even for the the game’s most staunch supporters, this was about two hundred steps too far, and prominent creators immediately opted out. In response, Blizzard has stated that it is reviewing the terms of this agreement and that the company’s intention was never to control conversations, though of course that’s exactly what it said in the agreement – in perpetuity, even.