World of Tanks (Update 1.14)

Hello fellow tankers. For right now, WoT is still going to be my game. Therefore, I’m going to start posting while I’m playing the game. First subject up to bat, Update 1.14. I watched the video introduction and have some take aways.

  1. Japanese Map: Safe Haven - Port City. Hanger by the Water is arty proof. The Bunker in the middle is also arty proof. Problem with Hanger by the Water is the entrance and exit can be covered by snipers from the starting positions. You may enter and get lite up on exiting. There is a more open area on the one side with concealment for snipers. Move fast or be dead.

  2. Czech Heavy Tanks - These tanks look interesting. The Tier VII has a TVIII gun. I always love an up tier gun in a heavy tank. I went ahead and bought the T7 Czech Heavy just to try it. Don’t know if I will go up the ladder or just keep the T7. The T8+ have the option to have a single shot cannon or a two round auto-loader. I think the two round auto-loader might be interesting because of the quick damage spike. Might end up having a weird playing style.

  3. Training Mode - Topography - Basically, the game runs you through the maps and you get to choose the map. They show you how to play the map and you can have four successful runs. I think I will run at least each map once in this mode. I will then plot the routes taught by the game. I will then figure out some really cool spots to sit and snipe at people that follow the route. Sucks if you follow the route after you get out of topography mode.

  4. Field Modification - This one has been on test server for a while and they had to make some balance and fine tuning changes. I think I watched a separate video on this change. Basically, you can make modifications on how you tank runs. This only works with elite tanks (fully researched or premium), there are levels, and seems to cost experience? Standard provides bonus to a single characteristic. (Level T6+). Dual provides increase in one characteristic and decrease to second characteristic. (T8+) Special allows you to assign a characteristic to a second equipment slot. For example, you might have Survivability in your first slot because your a heavy tank. You could assign Firepower to your second slot. (T9+)

In effect, you can match your tank to your play style.

My normal play styles as defined by me:

  1. Close Combat - normally a heavy tank or assault gun that gets in close and shoots you twice in the head.

  2. Sniper - Sit back, cover, then concealment. Shoot them till they bleed then shoot the medic that comes to take care of them.

  3. Scout - Run run run stop spot and don’t shoot unless you have a flank or ass.

Okay, that is my round up of Update 1.14. Please feel free to correct me or offer some other tactical insights.

Nice summary Matin!
I had my first game on the new map Safe Haven today. I was in my T95 and I followed the heavies to the bunkers. We did take damage from some crossfires from areas that were a bit surprising. It’s tough to tell which walls are solid and which ones you can shoot through.

I’m going to wait a bit before try modifications. The cost is just to high.