World of Tanks introducing PvE mode, "Homefront"

I’m not too clear on the particulars, such as which vehicles and tiers will be available options, but Wargaming is bringing a PvE mode into World of Tanks, “Homefront”, as an event running from Thursday, July 25, to Tuesday, August 6. :sunglasses:

[Homefront] Give Them Nothing!

General Overview
Battles take place on both the Eastern and the Western Front. On each of them, you can join one of three Divisions:

The Eastern Front (U.S.S.R.):
• The Ironsides
• The Crimson Mongrels
• The Beast Slayers

The Western Front (U.K. and U.S.A.):
• The Spearhead Brigade
• The Rolling Saints
• The Lucky Second

Each Division has its own unique history, a number of available vehicles, and various active and passive abilities.

Battle side by side with random allies or in a Platoon of five (5) friends to stop the onslaught of enemy bots attacking in waves that get stronger with every passing minute. Don’t let them break through your last line of defense or they’ll start dealing damage to your base.

Although it’s a PvE event, you still need solid game skills and great diligence to successfully resist the A.I. enemy attacks. It’s no picnic — you’re going to get quite a workout on the battlefield. However, the rewards are worth the metaphorical “blood, sweat, and tears,” so gather your friends in a winning Platoon, summon your will, and push for victory!

In World of Warships I’ve gotten to where I mainly play the PvE modes, so I’m glad to see Wargaming working to incorporate some PvE modes into World of Tanks, too. :sunglasses:

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Interesting post. I missed the event and I am keen to hear feedback from anyone who tried it.

I gave Homefront mode a quick look, but was busy elsewhere so didn’t really give it enough time to result in an informed opinion.

Thoughts on my cursory experience, and resulting impression, is that:

  • It’s an event by the Wargaming company, which means grinding, IMHO.
    (I returned to WoT after a multi-year absence, and really enjoyed the D-Day missions, especially the M10 RBFM missions that also rewarded the “Sirocco” historical style … however, I now believe that those missions were the exception, rather than the norm, in that even a returning player could comfortably enjoy them and readily complete the requirements without a major time investment.)

  • I had expected something more like World of Warships PvE, or other WoT PvP modes, where you use vehicles out of your garage. However, it is low tier tanks that you are assigned, which failed to capture my interest. (I do understand that using a “mirror” for the AI for a PvE mode is much tougher in WoT than in WoWs, so was interested to see how they would implement it, which it turns out that they may not know how to do it, either, so they went with low tier vehicles assigned to players.)

  • I didn’t feel the urge to make time to play low tier tanks that I don’t really enjoy, so I determined that I wasn’t the target audience for this Homefront implementation, despite my interest in PvE.

  • I do appreciate their efforts to incorporate PvE into WoT, so hope that they are able to iterate on the process and come up with some options that are a better fit for me. :sunglasses: