Wondering about the game

What’s BDO like? Compared to other games. Been interested in it for a while.

Black Desert | PEARL ABYSS (playblackdesert.com)

Has 30 day free trial. It is not a tab target MMO, it is more action combat system. Does not have defined role setup like other MMOs that require groups for dungeons partly cause it does not have dungeons. For being an MMO alot of your time will be solo grinding and activities but there are some guild activities like NW and Guild Bosses. Its systems are different then other MMOs I have played so cant really tell you other games like it.

Korean. So a lot of monetization, randomized upgrading (and potential destruction) of gear, which can be alleviated by shop items. Open world PvP after a certain level, with all that comes with it.

The combat is great, the world is great, I dislike the PvP and intrusive RMT.

Thanks for the info