Wipe in 3.15

We’re getting a wipe in 3.15. Todd Papy had said back in December that we would definitely be getting a wipe this year.

Currency Data Hotfix

  • With help from the player base, the root cause of this problem has been identified and resolved.
  • Players logging in after 23:20 UTC on September 13 should now see the most up-to-date aUEC values on their account.
  • aUEC lost when the bug was active is not able to be recovered.

Alpha 3.15 Database Wipe

  • In 3.15, Long Term Persistence (LTP) will be broken up into three parts: Items, Wallet (aUEC), and Reputation.
  • Going forward, specific parts of LTP can be wiped without affecting any other parts.
  • All three parts of Long Term Persistence will be wiped in 3.15.
  • All your account attributed items (purchases, subscriber flair, rewards, etc.) are safe.
  • Ships bought with in-game money will be wiped; they are under the ‘Items’ pillar.

Why is the wipe necessary?

  • The primary reason is due to the upcoming changes to how items and inventory work (which you can learn about in tomorrow’s ISC).

  • Players have been accumulating wealth in the PU with no economic sinks to balance it. Wiping will put all players on the same level.

  • This wipe may fix some account-related issues that players have been unable to resolve using character resets.

  • We are also currently exploring the possibility of awarding aUEC post-wipe to those who participated in XenoThreat.