Winter Season Grand Prix

How to win Grand Prix (almost) every time.

Not sure how many people will find this helpful but I’d like to share some of my experience that I’ve gained grinding out this event. The Old Moon Grand Prix is awesome, and I’ll skip over the basics for now and get to the three tips I have for winning.
1: Timing Accel. (F) Instant Accel is amazing but timing it could mean the difference between getting stuck in the middle of the pack, pulling ahead or making up lost time from a mistake. It’s important to know that (F) resets your momentum to maximum. As you drift, (S + A/D) it will use up your momentum which can be reset with (F).

2: Catch Up Mechanic. This is probably the most important of the tips. During the race it may seem like you suddenly pull ahead or lag behind. It’s not lag and it’s not desync. It’s a core mechanic of the game to make it so that everyone has a fighting chance to get first place or make up lost time.

Basically as two riders or more are competing for first it increases the maximum movement speed of all racers behind. If you utilize the first tip correctly and use Drift to cut a corner, reset momentum with Accel and do so tangentially to other riders you can pull ahead to the front. Using these methods I have a PB of 2’23’‘73 and an average of about 2’27’'50 netting me over 60 first places. I hope this explanation makes sense and if anyone has more questions feel free to jump into the discord and ask! Good luck on your races!