Wiki Template

Anyone have a good template we could use for our wiki categories? Or even a bad template we could iterate on to improve?


I’m digging deeper into our new forum. Sorry, I have no idea about a template…

I was just wondering what is meant by wiki categories? Would this be a place to store helpful information for each game instead of relying on a pinned topic?

Yes, plus posts in wiki categories can be freely edited by members to help keep them up-to-date. Think of them as wikipedia-like posts.


Excellent! Thank you, I’ll keep an eye out for templates on the grand interwebs.

I noticed wiki’s are listed for the ‘feature’ games. I think it would be useful for everything else out there.

For example, on the old forum we have a section for mobile games where each game usually has it’s own thread. Some of those games have extensive community resources out there and a wiki would be an excellent way to gather all that information in one shot rather than being buried somewhere in all the respective games posts.

The same goes for general games and game development,

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Can someone pont me to these wikis? Are these based on MediaWiki or what?

They’re really just subcategories whose permissions are such that anyone can edit the posts, like Cef said. So, mediawiki, et al. doesn’t apply.

It looks like GG and Grimm chose not to set one up for Lotro, but a lot of the other games have a wiki subcategory. For example:

There’s no special formatting or templating for posts in the wiki subcats, AFAIK. You have the same tools available to you for composing them as you do for composing a new random topic or PM.

P.S. You can learn more about discourse wiki posts here, but it may be more than you want to know.