Why the Warframe clan will stay as a Shadow clan(30 man)

A lot of people have been asking why we stay at a 30 man clan, so here are the reasons .
1 Event success. Clan size dictates how many times a event must be run for clan rewards. here is a chart to show how much is needed to get a gold success in a clan event.https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Hemocyte_Cystolith
as you can see at a 30 man clan we are at a 3x multiplier, so a gold completion would take 300 completed runs to get gold where the next clan tier would take 1000 runs. if we up the clan size for the 10 or so people the rest of the clan suffers by having to make a ridiculous amount of extra runs to make 1000 runs of a event …how much could you stomach? when the 1st plague star event came we had 10 active players and 20 semi/inactive players. so in my experience that is a lot of extra work. you may ask why do we care if the clan gets a gold…the reward was 10000 endo for silver 30000 endo for gold.
2 Alliance size. Due to the restrictions DE put in place there are hard capped size limits to alliance size and if we up the clan size we would loose our spot in the alliance. Which with empyrion coming having a 100000 teno alliance will be a big boon.
3 Research cost. all dojo weapons take 3 days to research as well as resources. and just like the clan events there is a multiplier. were at 3x so a weapon like say the hema has a base of 5000 mutagen samples at our clan tier there is a 3x multiplier so 15000 mutagen. after 4 yrs of play when that dropped i had about 200 of them…it was a crapton of farming. there was about 2 weeks of 4 man squads grinding the derilict to get them. The next clan tier is a 10x multiplier…how many mutagen samples do you have in your pocket?
So to conclude the clan will not be growing in size. If you are actively playing the game and speak with me in discord i can speak with the alliance leader and get you into a alliance clan until there is room for you in otg.

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I don’t support this decision, especially since it meant that I got kicked from the clan and have to wait until there’s room for me. I log on every day. I saw no warning, no request to talk to me. To my surprise, I log on and find I’m out. Just so that game-locusts who haven’t been faithfully playing the game can come back for a special event and then leave again in 60 days or less. I understand that’s what people do with old games, and I would’ve gladly had them in OUR clan until they lost interest again, no matter the impact on the clan’s progression. I’ve had trouble with the technical changes, but this is the first time I’ve had a problem with a leadership decision in OTG.

So there are a few flaws in your logic. first of all there was ample notice to all players on the rule changes. it was posted for 3 weeks in clan chat as the message of the day…it is still there atm. So that tells me you either never opened clan chat in 3 weeks or couldent be bothered to read the forum post explaining the rule changes. When i asked my officers and the rest of the clan in discord if anyone had seen you on in the 3 weeks the response i got was “who is goat” As far as i can tell you log in play and log off without grouping talking or doing anything with the clan. So your a solo player, fine which also explains why you dont care about the clans progression as a whole. So then why do you care if your in the clan? If being in the otg clan matters to you then come into discord play with your clan and maybe help some of the new players understand the game.
as well if you watched ANYTHING from tenocon you know that with railjack (empyrion) coming we will need to coordinate multiple groups, which will be done in discord not text, as you have proved people arent reading text chat.

I support Thorm’s decision firstly to keep the clan size at 30 for the reasons he stated and the new policy to log in and participate in discord. I am a relatively new player that has been playing for about 7 months with about 900 hours of game play and I have never seen you (Goat) logged into discord or played with you in a group. Some of the main reasons in being part of a clan, from my perspective, is playing with others, learning, helping each other out, and having social interaction. It is not about playing solo. That is not to say you can’t play solo sometimes, but if that is your core style of game play (there is nothing wrong with that) then being in this clan is not a good match for you. My 2 cents.

I’m glad to know that you used the MOTD to warn us. I’m sad that I just didn’t see it. Clearly my situation is my own fault. Thank you for taking the time to correct my misconceptions.