Why EVERY Healer is Going to Make an Evoker in Dragonflight

I am hoping Bliz updates all healer specs or this just might end up being the only healer in the game if they don’t.

Whenever they release a “hero” class they are overpowered during the initial launch of the game, think Death Knights back in Wrath.

It looks just fun to play honestly, but one thing i did notice is alot of their heals require you to use game mechanics to control it. You will not simply be hitting Vudoo/Healbot style interface. You have to be comfortable on seeing the entire field of play and not just be looking at health bars.

That being said…

Mythic Raid Loadout for Dragon Flight

Tank 1 : Whichever is Meta at Launch
Tank 2: See Previous Entry

DPS: 15 Evokers
Heals: 3 Evokers


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Since I main a Shaman healer, I find I am mostly watching the entire group area rather than the health bars. Most of my heals are setup for MouseOver on my left and right mouse buttons so its easy to catch those few that don’t stand in my AoE/totem healing area. And with a few items it doesn’t matter with my ‘zippy heal’ which can start with me and just zip around like a lightening bolt. So I am not sure I’ll have much difficulty.

The Vuhdo healing bars only provides me a grouping of the players directly in front of my hot bars anyway and makes it easier to see who needs help without me staring at the bars. Its very difficult for me to target just one player out beyond a group because I don’t use character bars over each person’s head. Gets too chaotic to the point you can’t see anything, too messy.

My peripheral sight is well enough placed to see who needs direct healing, without having to concentrate only on the bars. I found earlier on when I was learning/practicing the shaman healing setup that it was not a good idea to just look at the bars…so I practiced watching the entire play area where my peripheral worked really well.

But I was laughing so hard at those guys in this video, that I replayed it a couple of times and really got a feeling for personalities involved. Sounds a lot like you, crazie, Nick, Juac, Skry, etc. After all, your shout outs are similar and very funny from my perspective. I’m laughing behind my mic but don’t dare push my ptt button, you guys are so very entertaining.