Who's who these days

Looking at the “last on” list to see who is still playing I see some familiar names (Seybold, Strangefate, the Packrat family :slight_smile: ) but most I don’t recognize. I know there are lots if alts on there and it would be nice to know who is running who these days. Regular players: if you don’t mind, would you let a re-noob know which ones you are commonly playing these days? It would be nice to put a face to a name, so to speak. The ones I will probably run most of the time are Blitzsturm, Baddaxxe, Killerwatt and Synnymyn.

Packrats are my 20 or so mules across two accounts, and I have a few retired chars being put to the same use without the prefix. The Warehouses are Kinnel’s equivalent I believe. I’ve got a bunch of chars, Strangefate, Acoustic, Kazee, Bravado, Slice, Offensive, Pinocchio, Occult, Dismember, Hailstorm, Perforate.