Which server does OTG play Horde on?

Hey folks, apologies if this is in the wrong area. Hoping to get a leg up on which server I need to join for when I assume my application is passed.

Kul Tiras/Bladefist :horde:

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Thanks Hashberry. Any notable differences between the two?

Nope, they’re linked.

Thanks again Hashberry. Just to confirm, I have to join one of those specific servers to receive an invite, correct?

Yes. The guild invites work if you’re on either Kul Tiras or Bladefist, since those servers are merged together. I think the majority are on Kul Tiras, if you’re trying to pick one :slight_smile:

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I just joined the site today so I appreciate the info. My searches only showed Hyjal and Venture Company. But I will certainly check out the servers you’ve mentioned.

The information is contained near the start of the “Welcome” PM which is also posted on the Horde forums HERE.

That said, it was tougher to find that than i thought it would be … and I KNEW it was there. It should be stickied but I’m not entirely sure how stickies show up for new folks.

It may be something for us to look into again. It ought to be easy for anyone to find at a glance the servers our chapters play on :thinking:

Private sections of the forums are only visible to members. As soon as @AuntDollie’s application process is complete and they become a member the recruitment threads for the various games will be available.

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