Which home base?

Just been watching Inside Star Citizen and in the 3.15 patch you’re going to have to choose your home base. Which one is best?!

Excellent question.

Depends on what you want to do really.

But if you just want a place that has the most available in shops so that it is easy to purchase things (especially components and upgrades) then I would say New Babbage


Yeah, seems a lot of people onine are saying Orison, but while it’s pretty it still takes an absolute age to get in and out of! I think NB is a good call

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Agreed, it is gorgeous but man does it sink some time.

Thinking if it were a choice I would home out of Grim. Not the best, but fastest in/out. As it is I am likely to choose Babbage.

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For the starting locations they allow, I’d agree and say New Babbage. However, my plan is to immediately set my default respawn location (by copying my clone imprint, or whatever it’s called) to Ambitious Dream Station at CRU-L1. I will claim all of my ships from there (if this is possible once 3.15 is on the PU) or, if necessary, ferry them there so it can serve as my headquarters. It’s much easier to get in and out of a station than a planetary base, and I tend to do more missions near Crusader than near any other planet.

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