Which Expansion is Fastest For Leveling?

Just found this article and it seems there is one area that provides faster leveling.

Since I plan to open up my garrison going forward for the forge buff, this looks like it will be extremely helpful.

Speaking of the garrison, what level do you open it up now? This pre-patch has me so confused with the level changes. I just don’t see the need to change them.

Not sure Lor, I’ve already gotten the garrison on a couple of my toons and upgraded the forge for that buff. But I do not have a new toon yet so I don’t know. I just figured that if I do start a new one, I’ll opt for WoD so I can do that garrison as I level up. Makes perfect sense to do all that together with leveling a new toon instead of going back later.

As it is, I think I shall have to go back and do the garrison with two of my current max lvl toons anyway…but have not done any research on how to start that process. Wowhead may have some info for it.

@Lorantell I’ll let you know. I just put a toon in Draenor (Chromie time).

My first quest is to go through the opening quest chain that we went through at the beginning of WoD. I imagine that after that, I’ll get the quest chain to open the Garrison.

It may be the fastest, but I much prefer leveling the alts thru Legion for the individual Class storylines (and Legion Artifact Quests). There was so much hidden from the other character classes. It is all new content threaded thru zones.

I am also not really seeing the need to invest time getting a Garrison back up & running. I rarely use mine at all unless I just need a quick spot to zone to for Old Raid runs. I am swamped with 32 slot bag mats, so using it for 30 slots is outdated.

I use my garrison as my home base. Over the past 6 months its been a godsend for me to just be able to make hexweave cloth and sellable (lower end) gear for the AH. Not to mention all the 30 slot bags I’ve been making for Mahala. That is where most of my bags end up anyway.

I just did get reacquainted with my garrison Bag manufacturing procedures. I had forgotten alot of what I should be doing. I got alot of toons to bag up!