Where you live

When I was online today with my regular Video game group. One mentioned what would happen if their parent started posting online to their webpages about their rest home. I would rather people be outspoken about things that are being done to unjustly then to remain quiet as a bully would prefer.
I have heard some of the passing people and their comments over the past years. I am currently living in NW Dayton it lists as Trotwood but address resides in Dayton. I was thinking Dayton was listed 3 in the communities for worst to live in OH I was wrong it was 8 Trtotwood was #1.
Some people like to find scapegoats for their problems. If both communities are on the worst list. How can one person be held responsible. Now a days I spend most of my time with my mother who is suffering from dementia and me with my depression.
Best place I have learned to start change is to begin at home. ie. look at the man in the mirror so to speak.
A demographic on time spent with and individual over a you teenager who was visiting 1 or 2 times a week for 3 hours for an 5 years based on 45 weeks would look like this 6570 days roughly 8.5 days near as a possible influence
0.1% of their time by the time they reach 18. I could determine teacher, friends or parents. But its plain to see one individual cannot be held responsible.

Take care.