Where is everybody?

What has happened to this sub? Has everyone stopped playing SC until it’s stable and actually works? I’ve got a new (laptop) PC with 3070 card and it’s still not running smoothly, but I’m sure there are plenty of people here who have better.

Have we all just given up?

A bit of OTG activity in the SC Discord channel under Game Development

I know I have, more or less.

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Yeah, the fragility of spacecraft is a deal breaker for me. I can’t even do the delivery quests without crashing and having to start all over again. It isn’t fun.

If they disable or mitigate environmental damage and keep weapon damage, I would probably play it.

Just diverting attention to other games for a while. SC is in development and will be for quite some time. I have friends that are all into Valheim for now and I am happy to join in the fun.

SC is a marathon and not a sprint, and I don’t want to “burn out” before it is even in beta. :wink:

Yeah, Klix, I feel your pain. I’ve just got a couple of VKB Gladiator NXT sticks and have been trying to set up HOSAS but if any bit of experimentation goes wrong, that’s me head first into the dirt and instant explosion. Awesome.

Sorry seeing this way late but you should always set up your controls when in AC free flight. Safe space to make mistakes :slight_smile: