Wheel Of Time Amazon series

Anyone else as excited as I am about Amazon doing the Wheel of Time series? Already have Rosamund Pike cast for Moiraine. Filming begins in Sept in the Czech Republic. Uta Briezwietz (?) will be directing the first two episodes. She did some of the Stranger things and Westworld episodes. Really excited!

I’m confused more than anything. Supposedly Moiraine is the “lead role” of the series, but she was absent for about 3/4 of all of the books. So … I just don’t get that.

I try to reserve my excitement until the time at which the series is released. I would not want to get pumped up over something that never makes it off the cutting room floor.

It is about time they did Jordan. I still remember back in the days where there were newsgroups, and the SF/Fantasy newsgroup had to make a separate one just for all of the Jordan fans, because there was nonstop talk about it.

It took me 2 attempts to finish Wheel of Time. I really enjoyed about the first 5 books, then Jordan went into his point of view explosion. You would read 100 pages of different views before you would once again return to the one you cared about. I think Jordan performed an invaluable service to SF/Fantasy writers by showing just what happens when you have too many points of view. Jordan died, Sanderson finished it up, and I completed the series. It was strange because in the interrum I went through Erikson’s Malazan, which was even worse than Jordan with points of views, and coming back to Jordan seemed like cake after that. At some point with Malazan I just treated it like poetry and let it wash over me and not really get too concerned about remembering who was who. His cast of characters list was a big help though.

I am expecting Briezwietz to maybe give a little more depth to the female characters in the work than Jordan did. That world though was amazing, and I think there is a deep and rich playground to tap into. My hope is perhaps Game of Thrones may motivate the directors and producers to do a proper job of epic fantasy, rather than the pulp like movie trash we suffered through in the 1970s.

Still waiting on someone to do Zelasny’s Amber.

I just hope they leave out the middle set of books. That’s when I quit reading, because it all got incredibly boring and pointless :frowning:

Try some old syfy;

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It was almost exactly the same for me, I think I made it to Book 6 years ago and gave up on it. Finally finished reading the whole series in a marathon last year.

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I expect Moiraine to be the main character probably for the first season and maybe into the second. After that I cannot see how they can have anyone as the “main” character unless its Rand. Just like in GoT, several people had main story lines. I haven’t finished the series yet. I’m on book 10 and really enjoying it.

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It took me 3 attempts to get started, an army friend loaned me the first book, then a college friend loaned me the first book, both times I gave it back after falling asleep before I made it through the first chapter. I wasn’t sleepy when I started reading, I just found it that boring. Then my brother loaned me the first book, I wasn’t going to read it just hang on to if for a bit and give it back, but I was unemployed at the time and having trouble sleeping so I started reading. At first it worked great, lay down in bed about 9 or 10 read maybe half a chapter and wake up between 6 and 7 the next morning. Then I got to where they were leaving Baerlon and it stopped working as I was then staying up til 3 and 4 in the morning saying ‘just one more chapter’.

I also am trying to hold off on getting excited about this until I see if they are going to try to remain true to the story or if they are going to try to tell it their own way similar to what the writers did with Legend of the Seeker, I didn’t even watch the entirety of the second season of that series.

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I’m still having fits about how Shannara was treated. But I have a feeling Amazon is going to put more into WoT. They definitely have the money. If anyone wants updates on the Casting and Locations. Check out the Daily Trolloc website.

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I do not know how many people have failed to read LOTR because of the pacing of Fellowship as well.

I just could not get into this Wheel of Time series. Unfortunately, too much going on all over the place lost my interest. I am more into great character development driving the story which makes perfect sense to me. But to have a story drive the characters just seems like someone threw out a bunch of pick-up sticks and you had to sift through them to find the arcs.

Yeah, the book where the main character of that whole book (as in the most paragraphs of any character) just died at the end for no reason whatsoever was when I quit reading.

The character didn’t ‘progress’ anything, didn’t cause any lasting ripples, it was just the most followed and talked about character in that book, and then he died. It left me with a huge feeling of ‘what’s the point anymore?’.