What's in YOUR Fleet?

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I am looking mainly at a support role.

ANVL C8R Pisces [short range]
DRAK Cutlass Red [ambulance]
RSI Apollo Medivac [clinic]
MISC Endeavor Hope [hospital]

Human Transport
ORIG 600i Touring

Cargo Transport
AEGS Avenger Titan [small]
CNOU Nomad
MISC Freelancer, Freelancer Max x2 [medium]
CRUS Hercules C2 Starlifter [large; ground vehicle transport]

CNOU Pioneer [base building]
AEGS Vulcan [repair, refuel, rearm]
ARGO SRV [towing]
MISC Prospector [mining]
MISC Expanse [refining]
DRAK Vulture [salvage]
CRUS Mercury Star Runner [data, smuggling]

ORIG 315p
ANVL Terrapin
MISC Odyssey

ANVL Arrow
AOPOA San’Tok’Yai

Ground Vehicles
DRAK Dragonfly Black
TMBL Cyclone
ORIG G12, G12a

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Well, since this new forum does not allow us to edit our posts after 30 minutes or days or whatever…I have to add a new post with my latest changes.

Here is my fleet after updating my Exploration pack to the new one and swapping the bomber pack for the crisis pack:

  • Avenger Stalker (Crisis Pack) LTI
  • Avenger Warlock LTI
  • Gladius referral reward
  • Hammerhead LTI
  • Sabre Raven ***
  • Vanguard Sentinel LTI
  • Vulcan (Crisis Pack) LTI
  • Carrack (Exploration Pack) LTI ***
  • Crucible (Crisis Pack) LTI
  • Hawk LTI
  • Terrapin (Exploration Pack) LTI
  • MPUV Cargo (ARGO Pack) LTI
  • MPUV Personnel (ARGO Pack) LTI
  • Defender LTI
  • Merchantman LTI
  • Merchantman LTI (for upgrade to Polaris later)
  • Consolidated Outland Pioneer LTI
  • Mustang Beta (Starter Package) ***
  • Caterpillar Pirate Edition (Combo Cat/DF pack) LTI
  • Cutlass Black LTI
  • Cutlass Blue (Crisis Pack) LTI
  • Cutlass Red (Crisis Pack) LTI
  • Dragonfly Black (Exploration Pack) LTI
  • Dragonfly Black (Combo Cat/DF pack) LTI
  • Dragonfly Yellowjacket (Combo Cat/DF pack) LTI
  • Herald LTI
  • Vulture (Crisis Pack) LTI
  • P-72 Archimedes LTI
  • Endeavor (Crisis Pack) LTI
  • Freelancer DUR (Exploration Pack) LTI
  • Prospector LTI
  • Reliant Mako - News Van (Crisis Pack) LTI
  • 125a LTI
  • 600i Exploration LTI
  • 85X LTI
  • X1 - FORCE LTI
  • Apollo Medivac (Crisis Pack) LTI
  • Cyclone RN (Exploration Pack) LTI

***pack includes SC game

I’ve given up updating this and just keep Toruk’s sheet updated. That seems to make more sense, at least to me. Otherwise, just assume I bought it…whatever it was.

haha yeah I should go update that

Well first off hi…I’m a new OTG member…well I guess actually I’m still in the application process. However I applied for Albion Online and just happened to notice a Star Citizen thread so I figured I’d give it a look.

Currently I’m in another organization in Star Citizen but if things work out I may be inclined to make a change.

My fleet is as follows:
LTI - RSI Constellation Phoenix
LTI - Banu Merchantman
LTI - Anvil Crucible

Welcome to the Old Folks home!

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Now that I am done making changes to my small fleet for the time being, time to post it up. My fleet is pretty modest compared to some collections here, and it’s all good. I got just enough for me to be well enough off from the start. I’m definitely going to be participating in exploration, mining and combat in the beginning; looking to branch out into shipping, racing and salvaging later on.

My fleet:
C2 Hercules
Mercury Crusader
Vanguard Warden

I’ve only made one change to my fleet and that was upgrading my Tumbril Cyclone to an Arrow.

Here is my humble little fleet. Got concierge and I’m done.

Apollo Medivac - LTI
Arrow - LTI
Avenger Titan Renegade - Upgraded game package
Constellation Taurus - LTI
Dragonfly Yellowjacket - LTI
Freelancer DUR - LTI
Sabre - LTI
Sabre Raven - game package

With LTI on all and brought to you by Poor Impuse Control™:

Dominus Pack:

  • Aegis Avenger Stalker
  • Aegis Eclipse
  • Aegis Gladius
  • Aegis Gladius Valiant
  • Aegis Hammerhead
  • Aegis Idris-P Frigate
  • Aegis Redeemer
  • Aegis Retaliator
  • Aegis Sabre
  • Aegis Sabre Comet
  • Aegis Vanguard Harbinger
  • Aegis Vanguard Hoplite
  • Aegis Vanguard Warden
  • Aegis Vulcan
  • Anvil F7C-M Super Hornet
  • Anvil F7C-R Hornet Tracker
  • Anvil F7C-S Hornet Ghost
  • Anvil Gladiator
  • Crusader Mercury Star Runner (Upgraded)
  • Drake Caterpillar (Upgraded)
  • Drake Cutlass Blue
  • Drake Herald
  • MISC Endeavor
  • MISC Freelancer MIS
  • MISC Hull C
  • MISC Reliant Mako
  • MISC Starfarer Gemini

UEE Exploration Pack:

  • Anvil Carrack
  • Anvil Terrapin
  • Drake Dragonfly Black

Individual Ships:

  • Aegis Reclaimer
  • Anvil F8C Lightning (Civilian)
  • Anvil Crucible
  • Aopoa Nox Kue
  • Banu Merchantman
  • MISC Hull D
  • MISC Razor LX
  • Origin 100i
  • Origin 350R
  • Origin 600i Exploration Edition (Named: Marathon)
  • Origin 890 Jump (+ Origin Rover, 85X)
  • Origin M50
  • RSI Constellation Phoenix Emerald
  • RSI Polaris

Ground Vehicles:

  • Greycat PTV (3)
  • RSI Ursa Rover
  • Tumbril Cyclone

Once Command and Control systems are in, my master plan is to have an exploration/trading fleet comprised of the 890 Jump (for command), Idris-P / Polaris / Hammerhead for defense, Carrack or Endeavor for exploration, and Hull-D / Banu Merchantman for trade goods. Depending on final specs, the Polaris and Idris-P would carry the F8C Lightning, Sabre, F7C-S Super Hornet, and (ideally) the Warden. How I’m going to fund that…not a clue.