Whats everyone doing?

Well with the WarDec going on, what is everyone doing out there ? Wanted to come out to where ever you all are but not so sure at the moment if that a good idea. Don’t want to get blown up on first day with you all.

Gotta get people posting in here again, myself, I haven’t really played in about 2 years, I just keep an eye on things. Did we lose all of our structures yet? I’d imagine since we could never form many fleets normally that, even though they are armed to the teeth, no one is showing up to defend them. It was fun while it lasted.

im not subbed, and have no interesting in free to play class of eve. I am enjoying my time with slime rancher, a freebie from the epic game store at the moment.

I had completely forgotten that one of them had defenses. Otherwise, I would have clone jumped and shot at them with it.

So basically the big factions are forcing all the smaller factions to give up their structures or join them.

at least G gets want he wanted all along?