What is a PVE'er to do on release... thoughts?

So, I have a bit of a quandary…

Generally, there are two main types of players in an MMO. Those that prefer PVP and those that are primarily PVE.

Dark Age of Camelot was interesting in that the PVP aspect of the game resulted in perks for that faction. In New World it is quite different; extend that several fold. I saw the comment about the factions that don’t control the majority of the map being referred to as Serfs. I’d say that is pretty accurate.

So, for a player that prefers PVP and the desire to control vast areas of the map (and I’ll lump the top dogs of that category as streamers), they probably really enjoy that mechanic.

For PVE’ers that enjoyed more of a DAoC mechanic, not so much. It would be interesting to see what percentage of players in New World are territory PVP’ers vs. questing PVE’ers.

I fall into the latter category and after participating in all the betas and seeing the direction of the game, am a bit worried. More than once, I’ve had to move my entire inventory to another town because an apposing faction took control of the land and jacked the taxes to 25%; including my house. This was a real pain, especially with all the items I had on the auction house. If the last town I moved to had been taken, there was nowhere for me to go because the next available was 15 levels beyond by current level. We assume here that I prefer to quest out of a territory where my home is; where my storage is.

When the game releases, I’m assuming the big streamers (the ones that have their entire company feed them thousands of mats to get ahead) will be doing the same thing. At least the ones I watch are saying so. So what does a player like me do? I can think of a couple options…

Pick a server, grind gathering skills and don’t commit to a faction until there is a dominant faction (probably streamer) that is going to hold several territories for a long period of time. Then commit to that faction. (I’ll note here I am not the type to grind to max level in 2 weeks, I like side quests, reading the documents laying around and such).

Wait a week or two and watch the servers; check the lists that form online; and find a server that mega streamers are not playing on, one that seems somewhat balanced, then pick that server and roll a toon.

I’m not sure yet what OTG plans to do in this regard; if we are going to have split companies for those that prefer PVP and PVE on different servers? And, of course, that would alter my decision to some degree as I would much rather play with OTG.

I don’t have anything against those that do wars, and I’ll be in some, but for the purpose of entertainment, not frequent attempts at territory conquest.

I’m interested in what others here think about options for those that aren’t in it to participate in endless wars as entertainment?



You have to pick a faction after about an hour in to continue progressing My plans are to grab a group and push north doing the PVE content. Focus on Group content and stay about 8 to 10 levels below what we are killing unless its elite / group mobs. Have everyone pick a gathering skill and while in group kind of split stuff that way to keep everyone from going after the same stuff.

My suggestion is just fine a group and play with them. If you hold back a week or two then your going to have to catch up. I don’t see much reason to have a house anywhere other then a northerner area or an area with high level work benches. I also don’t think you will find high level work benches in towns without a decent tax rates. So just hold off on a house still you get higher level or a town looks like its going to be the crafting hub for the server.


Agree–hopefully the group is made up of Guildies. Factions will not be optional, again I agree.

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Curiously, did anyone have a chance to visit one of the three northern most territories?

These territories had no forts and therefore could not be claimed (at least in Beta).

I have no idea how they were setup or if they had crafting stations, etc.

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I created a toon and purposefully avoided completing the faction quest. I was able to still do town missions and level that way…plus gathering, crafting etc. So it is possible to do stuff while we observe the server and make our faction selection.

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I went up to all 3 and there was no town board or anything. I did find some faction NPC to do quests . The workbenchs were T3 not sure how you would upgrade them.

Odd. I just leveled a new toon in Windsward to 15 and have 9 town missions in my log w/o ever completing the faction quest.

The missus and I didn’t pick a faction until we were somewhere between 15 and 20. As far as I can tell, it’s absolutely not required but having faction quests in addition to town quests will help get you XP and cash faster. (and some QoL stuff like the runes of holding to make bigger/better bags) So if we’re trying to get cash fast in order to grab a town, we may need to select quickly.

I am hear mixed messages then on this because most folks I have talked to say you have to pick at 9/10 or you get stuck and can’t proceed.

I made a alt on another server and did not pick a faction ever. I made it to 25 from crafting and farming mobs and the town board. The only thing I really missed was getting easy faction gear while leveling up but it was doable.

I can confirm progression to L30 does not require faction missions. The question is how fast do you want to gain xp?

I picked Syndicate right away, but I wasn’t part of the race to max level. I don’t think I did any faction missions before L15 and very few after (maybe 4 total). This time around I was more interested in crafting/gathering and all that involved; so, I never did an expedition, corruption or anything elite. Windsward was my main crafting town and my main toon is L30 with 8 trade skills over 100, two in the 90’s and two in the 80’s. So, decent xp can be obtained at a relaxed pace by doing the gathering tasks (and knocking off off the pesky critters that want to interrupt that), along with banging useful stuff at the stations.

I’m now running starter toons through to L10 to try to reduce initial legwork and increase efficiency in those early rush hours of the game.

I’m pretty satisfied right now with my $$ investment in the game (that works out to about $0.10/hour.)
Certainly my money’s worth, considering it’s not even Aug 31 yet.

I’m in the same boat… not very interested in PvP and hoping the devs hear the feedback from PvErs like myself and make that content a larger focus. That said, I’m open to trying the PvP and hopeful that I will find some enjoyment in it. Regardless, it’s a beautiful game that gets a lot right and I’m confident I’ll get at least a few months of enjoyment out of it. That’s more than I can say for most MMOs that come along these days.

I have talked about this on Discord and it seems that the information hasn’t been taken in.

If you do not intend to engage in PvP, you can still help the war effort/PvPers keep and hold a town by doing Town quests that help fortify and build up town defenses. This usually involves gathering quests and does not involve PvP.

So the Non-PvPer can help with the PvP effort without ever engaging in PvP.

Hope this helps!

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As leadership has said countless times, there will be nothing forced in OTG New World unless you volunteer to be in the PvP focused guild for controlling a territory. The forums will have updated information soon. This is going to be an exciting portal with tons for everyone to do regardless of your play style. Everyone will be a valuable member of the New World OTG regardless of which of the in-game guilds you decide to be in. Regardless if you pvp, craft, gather or pve… you will always be contributing to OTG and the faction OTG decides to join. There is no I in team. Remember, team work makes the dream work.

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Dumb question maybe…but I guess we will all be same faction correct ? Or are there plans to split companies into different factions ?

No. All companies will be the same faction.

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